Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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  1. I fucked all three of these ladies…at the same time.

  2. Hope you didn’t get any dumb on you.

  3. ^them weren’t “ladies” boy…I’m actually kinda disappointed you didn’t notice the tucked and taped penis on that one trap while he was caressing your legs

  4. errr….sorry teeko…I would *hope* you’d know better…lol…but that was meant for dickhead up there.

  5. Nice one, fag. You suck at this Internet thing. Also, I fucked your mom.

  6. Fake….and all of these comments

  7. Then we’re even n1gger, cuz I fucked your dog, and busted a nut in your fucking toothpaste…cunt 😀

  8. IAmNateK, correct.

  9. Smart people like this will breed

  10. Yar Capn, I gathered that was meant for Mr 9 who would like us to think he is quite promiscuous when he is simply as annoying as T1000 with his comment. Really, 9 buddy, when was the last time someone got pissy enough about your comments for you to get off?

  11. I just came. In your mom’s hair.

  12. “JennaBABE?” Seriously?

  13. beatusmongous — my next-door neighbor’s kid had a personalized license plate that read “IQ BABE.” Today, she is a chubby assistant manager at Target.

  14. @13 What’s wrong with being chubby?

  15. Nothing at all (aside from an increased risk of cardiovascular disease). Societally, however, it isn’t usually an attribute associated with the descriptor “babe.”

    There is also nothing wrong with being an assistant manager at Target, but it’s not a profession where America’s “best and brightest” tend to land, generally speaking.

  16. ^ WTF? Uh, “chubby” (a nice way of saying obese) is ugly. Duh.

  17. ^It’s also slang for erect penis. So if CzekM8 is correct, every boner brings you closer to death.

  18. ^I’m DOOMED!

  19. Thanks for the logic, Frank.

    @CzekM8, what about the pig named Babe? Maybe that’s what she meant by calling herself “babe.”

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