Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Horror! The Horror!

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  3. Odd that that image says “over 1.4MB” when 1.4MB is the maximum that “bad boy” can hold.

  4. I personally thought that was pretty good. Any male over the age of 25 I’m sure can appreciate that comment.

  5. The large size of those videos only amounted to a few seconds… That’s my excuse now for premature ejaculation.

  6. That was a very true and touching story. Hollywood should make a movie about it.

  7. slicingupeyeballs

    Who says premature ejaculation is a problem anyway?

    The great thing about being a velociwanker is that if you ever actually get near a real girl, it’s far more fun to chuck your hot sploodge over her surprised face than have to repeatedly bung it up her funky clunge…

  8. comparethemeerkat

    The best thing is coming across (pun, LOL) a full length video on a streaming site that contains one of the 1min videos you used to watch on repeat from Limewire while your parents were out salsa dancing.
    I often dream about being 16 with 50mbps broadband speed. I’d have no balls left.

  9. That was actually really good. I found myself nodding away to that in agreeance. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it… We were the porn pioneers.

  10. I feel a sense of brotherhood with you all.

  11. Especially if you had overly religious parents. Those were hard times. I remember I finally just got a flashdrive and would keep it password protected…..good times.

  12. Christopher, it can hold 1.44 MB.
    I learned how to be computer savvy purely for the purpose of hiding my activities from others.

  13. Maybe, but he took too long to say it. I like my sexual stories hard and fast like your mother.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Lol Hawk.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … and yes it is 1.44MB. I remember because I had to split my porn videos into pieces to transport them from 1 machine to another.

  16. what does being female have to do with this? many females watch porn too, and if the female is old enough, she probably went through the same hell as you boys… *hugs her 1-terabyte external drive full of porn*

  17. Michael.
    For the fucking love of g0d:- PARAGRAPHS.

    I hope you get cancer.

  18. I will not complain about the length as it was legible!!!

  19. My God you guys make me feel old. My boyfriends used to complain about those wiggly lines that distorted the images of their dubbed VHS copies of House of Dreams!

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