Monday, June 4, 2012

Sad but True

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  1. This is fake. Steeever is fake too.

  2. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Why are Zombies and Teen Pregnancy capitalized? And what the f does one have to do with the other?

  3. But are we prepared for pregnant Zombies?

  4. ifitwerentformyhorse – Zombies and Teen Pregnancy are capitalised for the same reason that two “than”s were included: because Braxton is from Alabama and doesn’t word real good.
    (S)he types gooder than (s)he used to did though.

  5. Zombies are no match for me.

  6. Karma’s a bitch, and 9 is going to claim he had sex with her.

  7. Karma may make for a nice trashy stripper name, but you still have to pay to play and I somehow doubt the house is willing to accept that photocopy mr magoo shit 9 carries around in his pockets or whatever the fuck it is alien robot geeks carry their shit in..

  8. Well, I think zombies would pose a bigger problem than teen pregnancy….

  9. That’s right Taylor. You probably got a ticket too.

  10. I am Taylor right now, except in a worse situation… the feeling sucks.

  11. If you’re not going to share V then just being a tease.

  12. It’s worse than that, Capn. He’s being one of those facebook attention whores that end up on lamebook.

  13. Jesus cap’n. I go away for a month and you let a tin robot take over? You’re slipping….on the other hand I would be more worried about teen Pregnancey. Zombies and ol tin man you can stop. Brainless teens not so much

  14. The first one isn’t sad, it’s the way it should be. Firstly, while teen mothers can be over protective, I’m sure a zombie is more likely to rip my throat out with it’s teeth. Secondly, teens have been getting pregnant since the beginning of time. Thirdly, show me somebody who is prepared for pregnancy and I will show you somebody who is either naive or in denial.

  15. Unless all of those things happened within a 45 second period, I’m calling 100% bullshit on mr. karmic hilarity. Guy falls off bike, gets up, looks around, gets back on bike. <– 30 seconds tops. Guy laughs at biker, continues driving, notices cop is pulling him over, pulls over <—- 2 minutes at minimum. Either the cyclist was a four year old on a tricycle or it's bullshit.

  16. Who said the biker got straight back onto the bike? He could have seen the guy fall, laughed at him and drove off. If they were going in the same direction it’s perfectly feasible that the biker could catch up to him once he’d been pulled over.

  17. We ride a lot faster than most people think. I’ll usually see the same cars waiting at every red light, and this goes on for several miles.

  18. ^no you ride really annoying slow. the red lights break the median speed of the traffic, that’s all.
    All infrastructure should include dedicated cycle-paths.

  19. #13 I know right? I “go away” for a couple monthes” (limited to cell phone usage) and see what happens…fuck…way to call me out..

  20. “Really annoying slow” is still faster than most people think we ride, because most people think we ride “painstakingly slow”. However, I’m courteous enough to stay out of traffic, mostly because I don’t want to be killed by a misanthrope.

  21. ^I’m courteous enough to give cyclists a wide berth, because i don’t want to be raped by my panel-beater.
    not fiscally.

  22. ^ Thanks. I appreciate that.

  23. ^mind you, the only time I ever get to see Marco is when I need some work done, so maybe just a little clip with the side door?

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