Monday, June 4, 2012

Narnia Laundry

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  1. poop

  2. Not self-submitted. So more than one person thinks this is funny/clever? I must be getting old..

  3. Fake. Narnia doesnt exist.

  4. ^ Narnia doesn’t have to exist in order for the simile to be understood.

  5. It’s more annoying when you *don’t* check your pockets and then hear your ipod nano clunking around in there.

  6. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Thanks for playing, beatusmongous.

  7. Yeah, it was fun. I enjoyed it. Where’s my cookie?

  8. We don’t have fucking cookies ’round here beatus, member? I hear someone’s baking a killer batch of brownies though..

  9. Don’t talk to beatus about eating brownies.
    That’s why he’s not allowed to be a camp leader anymore, remember?

  10. Damn! I smelled those brownies all the way over on FARK.

  11. Dammit, you guys spoil all my fun.

  12. Oh fuck! Yeah I remember….wasn’t he running around with a tin foil hat that had a tele antenna strapped to the top screaming 9 tried to touch my no-no’s or something? Silly goose!

  13. If only this was funny

  14. ^someone thought this was worth typing out. so, that’s kinda funny.

  15. ^lol

  16. That isn’t change, it’s the jingle bell rolling around in your head.

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