Monday, August 29, 2011

Rapid Rebuttals

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  1. Has anyone else noticed the little disclaimer at the top of every page? Is that new? Oh yeah, first.

  2. iAlsoapprove

  3. Sarah’s post was “about a minute ago”, Aaron responds “a few seconds ago”, and he already has 3 likes? Either these kids have way too much time on their hands that they are on facebook clicking refresh constantly, or its a fake.

  4. @peterpiper, I didn’t notice the disclaimer until you pointed it out — must be fairly new. But where did the defense fund money go?

  5. hootie the blowfish

    Oh, another sandwich joke. How clever.

  6. I’ll tell you what’s clever – you being able to browse lamebook, be a feminist and make a sandwich all at once. You are making a sandwich, right? Are you? You better be… Hootie! Get in the kitchen. Now!

    Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. White bread.

  7. Nice cunty observation hootie…. WTF are you hoping for? Shakespeare? You do realize where you are, right? I bet you watch porn to critique the unrealistic female roles that women are forced to “act” in…

  8. Iddjit, I highly doubt the porn hootie watches has any females in it!

  9. Ah there I was thinking “well done Jacob – first ever sandwich joke I ever raised a smile at”. Then came peterpiper. 2 smiles today? What is happening to me??

  10. i cant believe this!! me and my sister just got two i-pads for $42.77 each and a $50 amazon card for $9. the stores want to keep this a secret and they dont tell you. go here Co o l Cent. c om

  11. Stop saying “me and my sister” you fucking slag, you sound like a goddamn moron.

  12. *Goddamned
    You moron.

  13. Actually goddamn is acceptable there as a variant adjective of Goddamned.

  14. All those in the first post I shall slay

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