Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nice Logic!

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  1. christopherlovet

    You mean Jewish pickup line.

    It’s not your book, Christians.

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  3. The old testament is the word of God as well, so it still applies, depending on how you read the Bible. Real Christians read the Bible as a book about God and what He has done/does. Religious Christians however read the Bible as a book about themselves.

  4. Step-sister, aunt, mom, whatever, they’re all coining it fingering their cooties on the internet. Possibly.

  5. Chris – What, we can’t share? If not, then you can just take your toys home and go play by yourself.

  6. 1st one was on Reddit. pictures too. looked appetizing.

  7. Is that a youtube comment?

  8. Yeah, it is. (head tilt)

  9. Oh God, now someone will start

  10. Wouldn’t that just be Youtube?

  11. ^only if you stick around, asshat.

  12. Best pick up line: “Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?”

  13. ^ And this explains why no one wants to have sex with you.

  14. My mother always told me not to wear patent leather shoes, because men would try to see up my skirt in the shoes’ reflection.

  15. Why not just not wear a skirt?

  16. Skirts / dresses are freaking amazing, that’s why! That’s like saying: “Why not just wear flat shoes?” Does not compute.

  17. Why not just psychologically cripple the upskirt perverts?

  18. I’m not positive I have the required skills for that.
    Would you like to be my wingman?

  19. Bacchate – just wear flat shoes? Stop swearing!

  20. Amen, girls. Besides looking mostly like crap, wearing flat shoes too often is not that good for your feet.

  21. The earth sandwich thing is lifted from Generation A, by Douglas Coupland

  22. Bacchante, I’m more than certain that you possess more than adequate skills to emotionally take-down even the leeriest and middle-agiest of sexpests. But I’d be delighted to pitch in because I love the looks of hurt, confusion and slowly-dawning rage that battle for primacy on the dull, sullen face of a sexist pig. Right before I kick his testicles so high up into the back of his throat, that he has to have them removed via tonsillectomy.

  23. Sweet. Shame you weren’t in BrisVegas last night – we could’ve gone to a fabulous prayer rally.

  24. but what might ‘a fabulous prayer rally’ in BrisVegas even entail?

  25. Well… it was meant to be a whole lot of Christians getting together to join hands and pray for the overthrow of the Labor government, to ensure that those evil homoseckshuals can’t marry, or unite civilly, or whatever. They were meeting with Peter Madden, the driver of the “gay hate truck”, who was due in Brisbane last night.

    Unfortunately, only 11 Christians showed up – and 500 fabulous protesters. To add insult to injury, the police moved the truck on because of fears it would be spray-painted with love messages again.

    So maybe it wouldn’t have been the best place to find and psychologically damage some misogynistic shits, but it would have been amusing in its own right…

  26. The fact that it is 2012 AD and an election can be decided on the issue of gay marriage…that gay marriage is still even an issue for fuck’s sake!…
    Humanity’s report card is looking pretty fucking ordinary this semester, too.

  27. No kidding. You’re preaching to the…atheist, my friend.
    Fuck all of them. Even my local Independent is a joke.

  28. I’d vote for Julian Assange.

  29. Yeah, same. I might even get involved in the campaign for that one, even if I did think it was a lost cause. Australians seem to think there are only 2 options in politics.

  30. Liar. Australians don’t seem to think. Fullstop.

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