Friday, May 21, 2010

FANtastic Friday!

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  1. Letting us down Lamebook.. Getting less and less ‘funny’..

  2. the “want some candy? LOL jk get in my van.” one made me lol.

    The period sex one…. is a little too much for my hung over self to handle.

  3. Period sex.


  4. Justin Bieber jokes are very lame. Also, I hold my tits when I ru downstairs or do jumping jacks because it hurts when they bounce.

  5. Did lamebook just jump the shark?

  6. TylerDurdenUMD

    The only reason I don’t like Bieber jokes is they remind me he still exists.

    The nun pic scares me.

  7. Jaz, how do you hold your chesticles while you are doing jumping jacks. I can’t picture it unless “jumping jacks” is a sexual innuendo.

  8. Is that Bernard Manning dressed like a nun?

  9. rebarbativebecc

    What do they care? They get money from ads and we keep coming back to see unfunny posts haha.

  10. trudat rebarb. I’ll go away for a week and come back here all excited for some hilarious lamebook and what do I get…:-|

  11. @guessetmuncher: That is Mother Angelica. She has a TV show on EWTN. and religion aside, i’d be careful making fun of a specific nun.

  12. *sigh* this used to be my daily drug, even though I didn’t write comments

  13. @Jaz Justin Bieber jokes are awesome. You just have his songs on your ipod on repeat/shuffle don’t you? DON’T YOU??? and how on earth do you do jumping jacks while holding your tits? Then you’re just really jumping on the spot (while holding your tits) I’m not complaining at all, just saying

  14. C’moooon Lamebook, you’re getting stuck in a rut. PhoDOHs, Background Checks and Wins, FANtastic Friday, jokes about Justin Bieber and women making sandwiches. Old Lamebook was just about strange and funny Facebook posts, new Lamebook just seems to be about filling your usual categories with a few photos of a drunk chick, or some status where somebody tells a woman to get back in the kitchen.

  15. if i see another bieber joke i will die depressed…!

  16. Justin Bieber is Frodo

  17. rebarbativebecc

    @13 Jumping jacks are different to Star Jumps

    and I don’t find Justin jokes funny nor do I listen to his music. I find paying him out stupid because everyone goes through puberty and was young, once.

  18. Awful.

  19. Oh wait. Is the joke on the 3rd one that her name is Chastity and she’s joined a rubbish group about having sex? Still awful.

  20. Her name isn’t Chastity, it’s “Chasity”. I guess they figured she would probably end up a stripper or a prostitute, rendering her name almost unbearably ironic, so they dropped a letter.

  21. krasivaya_devushka

    Period sex? Wtf?

  22. This from Urban Dictionary…

    CHASITY – A name given to female children by mothers who can’t spell “Chastity” because they are either too dumb or too stupid to know the difference.
    “Chasity, don’t you dare dress like a slut when you go to school!”

  23. xD

  24. Is it wrong that My Aunt is a nun, and now I”m thinking about her vagina? I’m sick! Must call therapist!

  25. Lol I just joined the van one. Bahaha
    -God’s investment(His Son) in you, was SO great, he could NEVER abandon you!-

  26. Don’t know if you were aware of this, “Elixabeth”–but because of the tanking stock market, God has withdrawn his entire investment portfolio, put His kid to work in a sweatshop in Taiwan, and retired to beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. So take your crazy Jesus shit and blow.

    “Elixabeth”–what a fucked-up way to spell a name. It’s perfect for you.

  27. It’s just her signature; Don’t get your panties in such a wad.

  28. lol

  29. The last one made me chuckle, couldn’t help it

    Why do people get uptight about Elixabeth and her signature? And her name? Don’t worry Lix (can I call you Lix? lol) MikeyMike needs a LifeyLife. Or he’s just having a bad day. Can’t we all just get along?????

  30. @SharkBait

    I think it’s just that people hate having to read random religious stuff on sites like Lamebook. This is where we come to ESCAPE, MAN D: from the herds of Mormons, the crazy-ass street preachers, and the know-it-all Christian friend who thinks he’s better than you cause he believes in something you don’t. No problem with religion, just keep it out of our escapism plx… lol

  31. On a seperate note… I love that last one; it made me snort… 8D TIGHTER THAN A NUN’S VAGINA!!!!

  32. If any woman needs their titties held while running down stairs, I’m available.

  33. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    I like you Elixabeth… primarily because you share your name with my mom spells it the regular way (i.e. with a “z”)

    Also, I’m a devout Catholic sooo I like reading your signature 🙂

  34. I don’t like Elixabeth. Her comments are funny, her signature is pushy, obnoxious to read, and just plain offensive to everyone who is not an uber religious nut. Reminds me of my brother the priest. I blocked his shit off my facebook page too.

  35. Why is Chas(t)ity ironic? She didn’t join the “random orgy” group…she just doesn’t limit sex to only occur in 75% of the month, she could be in a monogamous marriage and be totally chaste.

  36. Actually, i think i was just inspired to create a “Chaste women who like sex during their period – UNITE” facebook group.

    Who’s with me?

  37. I’m not a religious nut and I don’t find Elixabth’s sig at all annoying. Don’t speak for all of us, slippyslappy, I actually happen to believe in freedom of religion. It’s YOUR right not to believe in it, it’s HER right to proud of it.

  38. @NoLongerTroll –

    I thought about that too, but that would require me to run down the stairs and match their stride. If they need me to hold their titties while we stay upstairs, though, I’m down for that.

  39. I don’t care if they are doing jumping jacks, running down the stairs, or making coffee, I’m available to hold their tits at any time.

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