Wednesday, September 14, 2011


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  1. Has the whole world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?

  2. Rule 34?

  3. I beg to differ. I’ve met plenty of asian morons.

  4. mad2physicist I’ve known plenty of them too, they were called Laotians, and school wasn’t long and hard for them either because they dropped out at 15.

  5. When do 90 people like one individuals status? Are Asians known for their dumb-ness btw? I thought they were at the forefront of all things technological and animal maiming.

  6. You don’t get it, crustlovelips. School is long and hard, expect for Asians. It’s going in line with their stereotype that they are indeed smart. And have small penises.

  7. Ohhhh…’cus they like…skip a few years ‘cus they’re so smart? They do have small penis’ though.

  8. Actually I am referring to people whom I believe were of Chinese extraction.

  9. No way, I never met a dumb asian

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  11. I’m attracted to Asian men and the small penis myth is a fallacy. The Asian guys I’ve been with have been bigger than quite a few Australian guys I’ve had, plus they’ve been better lovers too.

    I also happen to like Lao people too. They are much more gentle and down to earth than westerners.

  12. dragonfly, Asian men eat bugs.

  13. Do Australian men have big penises?

  14. @dragonfly that is not what the pornos show. Granted they don’t show a random sampling but they do show a large enough sampling that some statistical inference can be made.

  15. @dragonfly they also hump like bunnies

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