Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rough Relationships

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  1. Anyone else have to try three times or so to log in? Maybe it’s a Firefox thing…?

  2. Also,……………

  3. Alos… I alos like to shop at Always.

    Almots… Cheating Bastard’s wife was almots able to stay within the lines.

    Dylsexic… CHUCHO is dylsexic.

  4. Dylsexics untie!

  5. pwnd.

  6. Oh those crazy kids and there high school graduation rituals..

  7. *their. Learn how to spell you fuckin dumass.

  8. @Walter ~ fucking* dumbass* Now, shut the fuck up.

  9. their/there mistake > dumass/dumbass mistake especially since it should be *dumb ass* two words. Or were you talking about a fish? so you STFU

  10. @Daemon – you’re a retart.

  11. @SNC it’s fucktart* you dumass

  12. Time to clean up these grammatical errors.

    *Retard *Fucking *Dumb Ass *Fuck-tard

    If you’re going to argue about grammar, at least know how to spell.


  13. ^ You should learn to spell your own name before you go around correcting other people, Gaytard.

  14. Oh the irony. I pity you so I’m going to back off.

  15. @Derp spelling and grammar have little in common, but you may have something there between faggots and argument.

  16. Fucking Christ saunkhogben! They’re not there.

  17. Fuk speling

  18. Derping, thanks for the grammar lesson. I really thought I knew what I was doing before. Can you come on everyday and teach me how to spel kerectly?



  19. Yeah you better back off, sucka, cuz you were about to get your ass handed to ya.

    And ‘kthxbai’? Looks like my gay hypothesis was correct.

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  21. the Ipad sisters always know how put an end to a pointless fight 🙂

  22. I bet those three kids will love having ‘You cheating bastard’ written all over the car they’re driven around in.

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