Thursday, June 28, 2012

Suman Loses a Man

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  1. Do not worry. Skynet will kill her.

  2. Can it kill her 1st? That wasn’t a mini-rant. A mini-rant is, ‘I hate when fucktards post stupid shit like that and take up space on my Newsfeed.’

  3. TL;DR and when I did skip to the end the “is probably gay” was trite. That’s what everyone says about their exes. Though, if he was truly gay wouldn’t she have caught him sex-skyping with a guy?


  4. 74 guys hoping to fuck her on the rebound liked this post. In fairness though it sounds like she has low standards and is probably pretty easy.

  5. Slendermans Girlfriend

    This, right here, is the definition of irony. You complain about how your ex is talking shit about you on social media websites, and then you go ahead and do the same thing. You’re no better than him, sorry sweetie.

  6. ^It’s not irony you ignoramous, it’s hypocrisy. And if there are two things I can’t stand, it is hypocrisy and the misuse of the word ‘irony’.

  7. Dear Ex,
    you are an immature ratfuck, but I have zero self-esteem and clearly would have happily put up with anything. Except cheating.

    You’re a sleazy cunt with no job, brain or sex appeal, but unless you’re a loyal cunt with no job, brain or sex appeal, then I’m taking my disney princess ass elsewhere.

  8. Where can I meet these people?

  9. ^ Facebook.

    Dafuq kind of mame is Suman?

  10. *name.

    Dammit, I had my phone language on Spanish again.

  11. Suman is a Filipino dish of sticky rice wrapped in banana or coconut leaves.

  12. I read it as a misspelling of ‘supman?
    ..which then just reminds me of Saul Goodman…

  13. Suman is an Indian name which means wise…She’s definitely Indian cuz all Indian women have low standards…Or else we Indian men can never get laid.

  14. Slendermans Girlfriend

    There’s no need for names, assface. HYPOCRITICAL enough for you?

  15. ^much better. Doesn’t it feel good to learn something new?

  16. b

  17. TheEnglishGentleman

    lol frankenstein

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  19. ^ Cunt.

  20. She and I dated the same boy by the sounds of it. In fact, all of that sounds scarily accurate, like I could have written that.
    Except you don’t do that via the internet. You crack open a bottle of wine (or rum) with your friends, bitch it out, cry for a bit, then end up singing songs from your youth. I’m shocked she didn’t say he had a tiny penis.

  21. BorderlineDane

    he fucks girls,ergo he is gay………….
    right let´s talk about what sexuality is honey

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