Thursday, June 28, 2012

Status: Well Done

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Mollie is probably fat.

  2. Mollie is the name of one of my dogs. She’s actually not fat at all. Nope, just a pup. The kids love her.

    Oh, and these posts are lame.

  3. Sexist. Mollie assumes its only guys that cheat.

  4. ….F….a…k……e….

  5. @3 straight guys…

  6. Do you guys remember when all those alien dudes fell into that giant vagina in Star Wars? That was fucking brilliant.

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    Jordan’s made me chuckle, just because of the goofy non-sequitur of it.

  8. I fucked Mollie.

  9. ^ You need help, you sick dog fucker.

  10. hah. you should call your dog ‘Mollie Ringworm’, Nails.
    That’d be cool.

  11. Pat loves the Scat

  12. My dick fell into a pussy once, it was dripping wet like a waterfall. fresh pussy is the best to fuck. you feel the semi virgin lip walls on my throbing cock.

  13. ^spoken like a true fucked-up loser whose ONLY experience of sex is through watching far too much questionable porn.

  14. Yo, MsAnne, have you seen any recent pics of Molly Ringwald? As if that ginger cunt wasn’t irritating enough before, she went and got fat. Happy Friday.

  15. you utter, utter cunt Bacchante.
    I got excited and googled that, and did not find anything suitably fat enough to make up for the page-after-page of ginger toothy horror.

  16. @ You two^^: My girlfriend named her. I even called her Molly Ringwald this morning (I dunno, just cuz the name popped into my head), and she was like, EWW, have you seen her??
    So I Googled her, and was sorry for the dog.

  17. ^ Which dog?

  18. am I the only one who uses “mollie” as code for blow? goddamn I love mollie.

  19. yes you are in fact the only person who identifies cocaine by the term “mollie” seeing as how “mollie” is MDMA in it’s purest distributional form.

  20. MsAnne, your #15 seriously made me LOL.


  21. @17 Beatus – My dog. 🙂

  22. thanks for the best idea ever, Bacchante.
    I took a screenshot of the ginger minger image search, and made it into my desktop background.
    I don’t even need passwords anymore, bitch is so scary even my rottweiler wont come near the desk.

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