Friday, May 27, 2011

That’s What Friends Are For!

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  1. FIRST!!

  2. oneofthree, asshole is

  3. Third.

    Also, lame.

  4. i lol’d

  5. With all the unisex names I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

  6. lol
    Alex: like shame

    Otherwise, don’t get what the big deal is about this.

  7. I feel bad for any dude who thinks that he will kiss a girl who hasn’t had another guy’s wee-wee in her mouth. However, on the same night? That’s a little different. Lot different.

  8. ah, alex…if we had a nickel for every time you were at a party or at work or in class or at AA or at the gym or perhaps at the DMV or maybe even at line in the at the bank or at the bar or in the produce section at the grocery store and you are chatting and/or kissing a dude in front of another dude who you sucked off, GIRL, we would have a whole ‘lotta nickels…’amma right???

  9. (derp)

  10. Ummm, rawnuh, Alex is a dude. Lee is a dude. Sian, female, sucked off Lee, then Alex kissed her. Whether or not it was the same night or not it doesn’t say. ‘Amma right???

  11. I think they did say it happened in the same night hahah

  12. Thank you, bradles, for making the most sense of this post. The situation is piss-weak in terms of awkwardness, though. These people have no idea what awkward really is.

  13. crustylovelips

    for all of you who dont get what the big deal is, its fucking disgusting, maybe im just old before my time at 23, but i sure as hell dont wanna kiss a girl who sucked my mates dick in the same night, its border line gay.

  14. mutualcriticism

    that last comment was borderline homophobic… not to mention the horrible grammar.

  15. @13 you just posted an opinion like that with a name like crustylovelips… That’s beyond borderline lame hahaha

  16. I think I’m homophobic.

    If you have sex or you masturbate and then you go sit on the toilet, you roll up your first great big wad of toilet paper getting ready to stand up to wipe, and you notice a small drop of semen on your penis, maybe it’s going to drip on the floor if you don’t wipe it, so you wipe it, now you have a great big wad of toilet paper with a small bit of your own cum on it, you could fold the cum to the middle and hope it doesn’t make contact with your ass, but if it does, if that cum does touch your ass, then does that mean you’re gay? I don’t know. But I always just squeeze that cum-infested wad of tp down into the toilet and start on a new wad, just in case.

  17. You stand up to wipe?


  18. That is some dilemma there Walter.
    Sometimes when you look at a problem from a different perspective, the solution will hit you in the eye.

  19. lolololololol @ Walter. I wish I was man so I could experience such dilemmas.


  20. wtf is the link for?

  21. So she’ll get the little notification saying she was tagged and she’ll read the post. Also everyone will know what a whore she is

  22. this one time my brother-in-law kissed my ex boyfriend steven for a bet at his anniversary party (he’s married to my sister). little did he know that literally minutes earlier, steven had been greedily rimming me in the kitchen under the pretext of frosting the chocolate fudge surprise. i got drunk and told my sister, who failed to see the funny side and emptied great aunt sally’s colostomy bag into my gin flirtini.

    am i gay?

  23. vincent, if by gay you mean 12 years old then yeah, you’re definitely gay.

  24. i wish i was 12 year old, spedcor666 – my body was so lithe and boyish back then.

  25. well vincent, your body may have changed, but your intellect and wit certainly haven’t.

  26. that was one of the most dismal attempts at starting an internet argument ever. it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t provocative, it wasn’t original. just incredibly dull. and people wonder why the lamebook comments section has gone to the dogs!

  27. gay.

  28. This sounds like a typical Friday night amongst my group of male friends; I thought that sharing girls was the social norm in this day and age?

    Also, Vincent? Your attempt at ‘humour’ is possibly the most amusing thing I’ve seen on this site thus far. Well done.

  29. vincent sounds a little pedo…

  30. So what’s the normal time to wait to kiss your female companion after she pleases you orally? About 2 months?

    I’ve been sticking to my 1 year rule but I feel pretty guilty because my wife doesn’t know why I’ve refused to kiss her for the last 11 years.

  31. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    It is somewhat awkward if the girl that just sucked you doesn’t swallow and decides to share your proceeds with another guy.

  32. It’s the polite thing to do; share and share alike, as they say.

  33. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    How about going down on a girl and kissing another one after. Is that equally gross or gay?

  34. Only if it tasted like a cherry chapstick Stoma.

  35. Am i the only one wandering, why they are “befriended”? And why is the kissing one more pissed? Shouldn’t the one that got blown and then left for another be pissed too? I think I’m missing something…

  36. I agree with yourmomsucks (#5). Is Alex a boy or a girl? I’m assuming Lee is a guy… And Alex. Don’t know, it was just a confusing discussion.

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