Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lame-O and the Tramp

Lame-O and the Tramp

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  1. His spelling skills lend much credibility to the post. No wonder he can only get a “tramp” for a significant other. Maybe if he could spell he’d be a couple of rungs higher on the social ladder and could score himself a “skank” instead.

  2. I like tramps

  3. Yeah, I hate “stuiped” tramps.


  4. I swear, you hop the rails one time with a tramp and all of a sudden you get rid of them.

  5. Maybe he’s Lady?

  6. Laughing Hysterically

    lol i love the title

  7. how romantic!

  8. Man… too bad he’s taken.

  9. Fight, work, party. Fight, work, party. Facebook Facebook Facebook. Fight, work, party. Fight, work, party…

  10. fiting with the bitch, like a puzzle <3

  11. oops just read the title and realized the whole lady and the tramp thing was already suggested there

    my bad

  12. He’s playing GTA, obviously. Pummeling tramps and bustin’ bitchez.

  13. He’s a keeper.

  14. I guess the tramp doesn’t have a Facebook.

  15. People like this guy just make me laugh. Break up with her already!

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