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Liquid Lame

Liquid Lame

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  1. And instead of feeding my kids, or cleaning up the mess I’m going to update my facebook status!

  2. Moooooooooooooooo.

  3. what the hell? speaking fluidly(as in besides poppers), isn’t liquid gold specifically a slang-term for piss? everyone should ask their friends and family who breast fed if they’ve ever tried their own ‘liquid gold,’ and report back the reactions with me, so that i may put this question to rest

  4. what are ‘toots’ while we’re at it?

  5. I thought this was ridiculous until the 2 1/2 ounces of breast milk pumpage part. Good for her. If that were me I would tell all of my friends about how sore my tits are too.

  6. Obviously the people here at lamebook that decide on which items to post are either A) male or B) women that have never breastfed before.

    Be aware, Lamebook, that there is a vast community of lactating women who would very much take offense to this being considered “lame”. And I’m going to be sure to inform all of my own lactating friends of this specific post. As you authors of Lamebook ought to know, the definition of lame (a person who is out of touch with modern fads or trends, esp. one who is unsophisticated) obviously does NOT apply to breastfeeding, and in this case, does in fact apply to you and whoever submitted this post for considering breastfeeding lame.

    I’ll step off my soapbox now and go breastfeed my baby.

  7. Lets not be idealists. I’m female, also, and I can still understand why it was submitted. Would it be neat to someday live in a society where talking about breastfeeding to our hundreds of friends, family, mere acquaintances, co-workers and connections on facebook was 100 percent socially acceptable? well, sure, I guess. but, lets be honest…considering people still cringe at the sight of nippage, and the fact that most boys (especially ones that haven’t had children yet) feel socially awkward with information as such, its not surprising that it was on here.

    Its not that lamebook hates babies, or milk, or god forbid anyone would hate or can hate boobies (yay boobies!) its just that…its a little much. for most.

  8. Joni, breastfeeding may not be lame, but statuses about breastfeeding are lame. End of story.

  9. Laughing Hysterically

    LOL P marry me!!
    but i also understand Joni’s point.

  10. Joni, shut up and take your parasite-feeding bullshit elsewhere.

    People like you shouldn’t breed. Leave it to the intelligent ones that know better than to be offended by something on the internet.

  11. @? : issues much?
    @joni : its lame to define lame … hahahha

  12. There is nothing precious about seeing children sucking on boobies in public.

  13. I realize that was unrelated to the topic of discussion, but there was a certain breastfeeding incident on the Subway in New York that has scarred me for life.

  14. Wow! I can’t believe some of the posts on here. The fact that breastfeeding is regarded as disgusting is just ridiculous! It’s one of the most natural things that you can do for your children.

    Next time you have to feed your children…why don’t you take them to the bathroom to eat. Just like society has forced breastfeeding mothers to do. Then maybe you’d see it in a different light!

    And Jessica – Give me a break! Breastfeeding isn’t something that can ‘scar’ someone. Obviously you live under a rock if you honestly were ‘scarred’ from it as there are much worse things in life.

  15. What is ‘lame’ is that people actually go searching for things to make fun of people for, and the best they can do is come up with breastfeeding!

    It’s a true shame that anyone should be knocked down for discussing something like breastfeeding…if it bothers you then don’t look. And who cares what someone wants to post on their facebook account! There are obviously ppl who are interested in it because they commented back. I had never even heard of this site until someone pointed out this specific post. Those who read this crap and need to put others down for a good laugh are the ones who are lame.

  16. @Drew: My only issue is having to deal with shit parents on a daily basis. They turn into angry, raging beasts at the mere mention of something to do with children. They’re insane.

  17. Uber-sensitive, self absorbed parents are the problem, not the kids. As if they are the first people EVER to have babies!

    I don’t want to see engorged boobs with a kid hanging off in the street either, does anyone? I think women who get huffy about this grossing people out, love to be the center of attention. And that is most definately LAME.

  18. Let us know if any of you anti-breastfeeding people ever procreate.. you can inform us all about how wonderful it is to lower your child’s IQ in order to not be ‘grossing people out’.

  19. astra- so you are saying that someone who gets upset about making fun of a person who posted something about breastfeeding or someone breastfeeding their child in public just wants attention??!? You clearly must be correct that it is all about attention and not about feeding their hungry baby in a gross restroom or an equivalent….do you have children by chance?

    I can tell you I know I’m not the first to ever have children, nor will I be the last…all I can hope is that you do not breed your ignorance.

  20. Seriously..??! Get the heck over yourselves. There’s nothing indecent about feeding your child. Just to inform anyone who doesn’t know, and clearly that seems to be many- that is what breasts are FOR. Get over it- its a boob. You will live if, God forbid, you happen to see part of one in public somewhere. And when you happen to see someone feeding her child, somewhere in public (gasp), and you are immature and insecure enough to be offended- look somewhere else for crying out loud. Its not that hard.

  21. omg, see what happens when people let women use a computer?

  22. Anonymous Mom Initials

    I have no sense of humor regarding motherhood!! Mommies and babies and the goop that comes out of them are sacred!! You must all be men and barren women to think this is a joke!! (Insert extraneous “nature’s gift” arguments here)!! Now goodbye, you hateful cretins!!!

  23. So confused by this woman’s life.

    First, what did she feed her children that would cause her to fear that they’d start a fart-a-thon in church? How does she know how many fractions of an ounce she spilled on the floor? What the HELL is liquid gold? How many exclamation points and smiley faces can this frustrated mother use in one day? And WHO IN GOD’S NAME WOULD NAME THEIR CHILD PERNILLA?

  24. Yep, all of us are just wanting attention. That must be the reason why we’re offended by the lack of intelligence on this board. I think it’s funny that most of you are OK with seeing women having boobies out of their shirts, say at like Hooters. But…A Mom can’t feed her child?? Sorry, but that is the reason WHY women have boobs! They aren’t just toys. They’re there for a reason.

    Like I said…I hope I see some of you on the street one day. I am going to plop one out just for your viewing pleasure.

  25. I think it is hilarious that all these pathetic breastfeeding moms are on this website trying to defend breastfeeding…

    no one said breastfeeding is lame…it’s just something people that ARE NOT breastfeeding do not want to hear about. So go back in your fucking house and feed your kid.

  26. …ew…

  27. I’m so goddamn sick of crusading breast feeding mothers. Shut the fuck up about it. It’s a personal situation. Yes, it’s natural and how nature intended it, but nature also intended us to dig holes in the ground to shit in. Would you like to watch me do that?

  28. yes.

  29. I got a boner reading that.

  30. I love how the indignant breastfeeding moms come out of the woodwork to defend this to everyone else and then their only comebacks are: “Boobs are not just playthings”, “Do you have kids?!” and “I hope you don’t breed”.

  31. I’m afraid I don’t see the humour in this. She called breastmilk liquid gold… is that the joke? I guess I never thought it was that inherently funny.

  32. Colleen – the requirement wasn’t that things be funny, but lame.

    Joni and other hypervigilant nipple guardians:
    will you breastfeed me?

  33. when i was a little girl my parents would get fresh oranges in the winter and we’d make our own orange juice. it was so delicious we called it liquid gold. now i will never be able to hear that phrase without thinking of thick, off-white, warm breast milk.

  34. OMG! People use boobies to feed their babies?! OH NOES! Silly womenz don’t you know boobs r 4 yer man.

  35. Why bother getting upset about this being posted on Lamebook? You’re on the site to view Facebook postings that you can laugh at or criticize.Why bother otherwise. If it doesn’t make you laugh, move on. Why waste your time whining about it? Please stop breathing.

    p.s. For the record, breastfeeding in public is disgusting. Get a wetnurse, stay at home, or don’t breed. FACT.

    p.p.s. I realize the irony of posting a complaint in regards to people’s posted complaints about this post. So, I’ll just say ‘post’ again. Post.

  36. I’m a breastfeeding mom. I’ve never breastfed in a restroom (why the hell are you pussies caving to the pressure for if you’re so enlightened?). And I think this is funny as hell. Quit yer bitching, tit-nazis.

  37. Team JEN

  38. I think many here are missing the point in that the “lame” comment is directed at the naming of breast milk “liquid gold”. “Liquid gold” is generally used as a slang term for urine. The lameness is in the misnaming, not the breast milk. Aside from this anyone who thinks breast feeding is disgusting is a loser and should go fuck off and die

  39. toots are farts!

  40. team jen indeed

  41. It’s lame cuz nobody gives a shit about whether or not your kid shits himself during church, I guess except the people sitting by you in church

  42. Another Breastfeeding Mother

    I think breastfeeding moms do live a little in their own world. “Liquid gold” is another term for colostrum – which is yellow! Breast milk is white (duh?), so this post wins the lame award for Elizabeth not putting two and two together.

    But I’ll bet that all these people who don’t want to see women breastfeeding in public are the same people who get pissed off at women when they can’t control their screaming, crying child. Which is it? Do you want the screaming or the boobage?

  43. this was posted because its too much information to put on the world wide web- therefore making it lame.
    and dont get all high and mightly “breast feeding is totally natural this isnt lame”. Does the world honestly want to know about it?

  44. Dear Joni: Fuck off. Thanks.

  45. OOooooOOOOOooo so scary, Joni! sorry we put you and your saggy Breastapo in a bad moooooooooooo’d!

  46. I seriously thought she meant REAL gold. fuck me running.

  47. Im loving the thought of her spilling “Liquid Gold” before giving it to her child. I didnt know Amyl Nitrate was an acceptable breakfast for a growing child…

    Breastapo…..loving that.

  48. God, what the hell is it about women leaking brain matter and self-control right out with their breast milk? If you don’t like the post, roll your eyes and move on. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT if you’re offended, and now we’re laughing at you. That said, I thought the first post was way lamer- “I hope little Jackson doesn’t get the toots at church!” Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino!

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