Monday, August 29, 2011


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  1. Hey that isn’t lame, what’s it doing here?

  2. Boom, logic’d.

  3. Post this in your status if you’ve been logic’d for being a stupid little girl like Kasey. How old do you have to be to outgrow the need to debate the girls are better than boys thing.
    We need girls. We need boys. Matter of fact we kind of need the boys for the whole baby carrying thing to work in the first place.
    If she’s as stupid as this in real life she could stand to be ducktape’d too.

  4. This is the most pathetic piece of reading I’ve come across in a long time.

    I’m a woman who does nor wear heels because I don’t want to be hobbling around like Quasimodo when I’m in my retirement years, I don’t have a curling iron because I have dreads but even then I wouldn’t be so idiotic to burn myself, I don’t wear make up because every man deserves to know what I’ll look like in the morning, housework and talking on the phone are easily no brained activities and just because you’ve had a baby does not make you a real woman, let alone mother.

    The author of this post needs to go to uni, get herself a profession and support herself financially then she can come back and call herself a woman. She sounds like the sort who talks like a baby to get her own way.

  5. Cory fails big time. He could have called her out so badly but he didn’t notice that neither men nor women can carry a baby in their stomach for 9 months. DOUBLE FAIL.

  6. The baby is only in the seven pound range during the last month or so of pregnancy… and even then, the weight of the baby isn’t the reason for most of the discomfort. Oh yeah, and the rest of the post is stupid too.

  7. Cory is the absolute best. I am girl and that “Proud Woman” wall post thing is SO fucking stupid. Kasey should be embarassed of herself.

  8. Hellababe – NOBODY carries a baby in their stomach. That’s what the uterus is for.

  9. Yes. That guy is the best!!

  10. Not A Dumb Person

    Can I just say that the proper word would be ‘logicked’, even though ‘logicked’ isn’t a word.

  11. I’m a feminist, but I still say Cory PWNS!

  12. Postingname – Thank you for the anatomy lesson. Now I know what was happening during each of my pregnancies.

  13. Bravo Cory, bravo

  14. loveislikeoxygen

    Cory smells a little butthurt.

    As much as I despise those “proud of being a WOMAN” posts, he’s just a wee too offended by them 🙂

  15. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Procreation shouldn’t really be a source of pride. No human being should be proud of managing to do something that a cat can manage.

  16. I dunno, I’d be kinda proud to be able to lick my own balls…

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  18. vaginalroundhouse

    I hate that crying shit all night and everything is fine in the morning. My semen cannot be that salty.

  19. #17–chupa mi pinga puta

  20. @Postingname: Fat Bastard can. He just swallows it whole, but then I think he’d need more than one baby in order to have one in his stomach the whole time for nine months.

    Here are my answers:
    1) No, and neither can you.

    2) No, and neither can you. And if you claim that you do, you probably suck at one of those things, quite possibly all three. Best practice would be to get your kids to help if you can. Mine do. Many hands make light work.

    3) WTF is wrong with you? By the way, I’ve burned my fingers a few times with curling irons while curling my sister’s hair (she’s a quadriplegic, and I’m a man). It hurts, and I learned quickly. If you can’t curl your hair without burning your forehead, leave it straight. After all, we men probably don’t mind. Oh, the “and not complain” seldom happens.

    4) No, and you don’t “have” to. Just wear them when we go out every now and then. No need to screw up your back and feet. We don’t mind if you don’t wear heels all day.

    5) If you’re crying all night, go see a psychologist or a marriage counselor. Or, maybe try these suggestions: Lose the heels, stop curling your hair, and have your kids help you cook and clean.

    Why do women always worry about their hair and their shoes, when it’s everything in between that we men admire?

  21. … because a killer body framed by bad hair and ugly feet makes the total impression suck?

  22. Fine. Do your hair up nice and wear your best shoes. When I’m done with you, your shoes will be in the next room and your hair will be all messed up anyway.

  23. Once you’re beyond, say, 6th grade, the “boys are better than girls NO girls are better than boys” arguments make you sound petty, stupid, and immature. Jussayin’.

  24. Amen, Cory. And Kasey, we don’t have to use nail polish, either. (Or curling iron.)

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