Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What the Huck

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  1. fuck.

  2. You.

  3. fuck me

  4. Magic Whore Blood.
    I called it – that’s the name of my new band!

  5. Another great and entertaining post! Good job Lamebook.

  6. TL:DR Though I’m now intrigued at Miss Shegas’ statement of Magic Whore Blood. Perhaps I will read the rest.

  7. I believe Magic Whore Blood will definitely be a feat (only available at 1st level!) in the next D&D game I run.

  8. I’m with Gabe on this one. Instead of reading the whole mess I just watched the game.

  9. Paint_my_nails_please

    And all this entertainment started with Go Saints?

  10. What the fuck just happened.

  11. Woah, this is epic… magic whore blood FTW. And so on in a gangster style. I like to get down with the kids on the estate. But, obviously, with disposable gloves on.

  12. Too bad the Saints got rocked like a hurricane in that game…assuming we’re talking about the one this past weekend…too soon?

  13. Oh, nope, they didn’t play the Vikings this past weekend. My bad guys. It was Cleveland that pwned them…I kind of forgot about the “Fuck the Vikings” statement that started it all because of the serious anger behind that spectacular fight.

  14. Ironically Gabriel is the only one in this post who is not Gabe.

  15. I was kind of hoping Gabriel would finish off this post with a “….go saints?”

  16. So the back story for anyone interested, they used to date many years ago and there is obviously still some unresolved issues. The whole thing started with cate commenting on a photo of herself and Gabe, making fun of her haircut. Huck agreed that her hair looked gay and the rest began from there, lamebook changed up the order a bit but the good stuff is all there. I laughed over this shit for days. Too bad the picture is fuzzed out she does sort of look like Andy Dick bahahaha

  17. W T F

    @at Fred good one!

  18. IN B4 TL;DR

    oh…damn. guess i was too late. πŸ˜›

    I really have no idea wtf happened.

  19. yeah cate is definitely a crazy bitch. You can tell because she was the first one to jump to typing in all caps. Although Huck’s move to all caps also does point to him being a bit of a douche.

  20. That’s some pinned up aggression.

    Just have angry sex and it’ll fix it.

  21. poor Gabe just wanted to watch some football. Cate, you’re not in a position to lecture Huck about immaturity. Miss Shegas, let me know when your band is playing.

  22. 22 comments without a Brett Favre joke in the comments? My faith in humanity has been restored.

  23. @graceless Is this guy’s real name Huck? The only person I ever met named Huck looked like a pig-loving hillbilly, not the sort of person one bothers to go all caps on.

  24. @Wednesday if ou think about it, a hillbilly /could/ go on an all caps rant in equivalence to one of their rl rants and yelling about whatever they rant of. My guess is of beat up old trucks, four wheeling, muddin’, girls, getting wasted, or doing shit on a farm.

  25. Ditto @paint_my_nails. WTF did the Saints (or even the shitty Vikings) ever do to deserve this kind of shit from a couple pieces of fuck-fuck-pass trailer trash?

    Why’s it that it’s OK for Cate to be snooping at her ex’s mail (even if it does come to her house, it’s still illegal) but then her very next statement is her bitching him out for “looking at her stuff”?

    Fucktards. If Gabriel is smart he defriended them both as soon as he took that screenshot and submitted to Lamebook. πŸ˜›

    This was relatively entertaining though… reminds me of the shit I had to hear again and again and again when I lived with my ex’s parents. :/

  26. @ Fred – Me Too!!!!!!!!!

  27. Wow…. I don’t comment very often or read every post but, WTF just happened…. I’m with Paint my nails, how the hell did this all start with Go Saints? and with Shelley Gabriel should defriend them both, after submitting to lamebook. lmao!
    p.s. I think a series on these two would be hilarious from what I understand from graceless there are here some where??

  28. Shelley, if Gabriel is smart, he’s still friends with them. If I had free entertainment like this, I’d be taking advantage on a regular basis.
    Also ‘fuck-fuck-pass trailer trash’ is hilarious.

  29. LOL Thanks mad2. πŸ˜›

    And you make a good point! But I just figure that he’s got to be sick of this shit by now. Huck alluded to Cate having been with Gabriel at one point in the past (“You used the same dick insults with Gabe when u were pissed at him!”). And they’re all still buddies after all this BS? Unless Gabe is the type to just let it roll off his shoulder and laugh at it (of course, there’s a fine line between being THAT cool and being cuckoo – for whatever reason) I can’t see why this should be funny to him anymore.

    Huck did make me laugh though: “I’m sure it did feel like 2 inches! When you’re throwing a hotdog down a hallway there’s gonna be an echo!”

  30. I have been experimenting and I may need a bigger hotdog. And I may need to remove some of these shoes and umbrellas and those paintings.

  31. I’ll bet good money that when they broke up they agreed “we can still be friends” …. it just goes to show, vent all your anger at the appropriate time, but then again its like being back at home.

  32. Oh dont you just love a good facebook argument. This is definitely one of the better ones! Abortions, babies momma, naked pics and 2 inch penises. Just doesn’t get much better.

  33. In the middle of all this, a cat died in its own piss and shit, let us take a moment and think of what it must have been like for that poor creature.

    Damn, I’m getting hard now.

  34. Sometimes murder shouldn’t be a crime, but a compulsory action to save society.

  35. After much experimentation, I think that (in most everyday situations) when you throw a hotdog down a hallway there would most likely not be an echo detectable to the average person.

  36. πŸ™‚ Paranoid Android FTW

    The only person here to address the real problems in this post!
    You should go into politics, I am sure you would always address the REAL issues.

  37. Magic whore blood, brilliant. I’m off to source some now…

  38. For those who are interested the average human (I have tested on 17.5 participants) can consume approx 2 litres of my spunk (when chunky) before suffering any negative effects.

    I have yet to add coke into the equation.

  39. lol Imamofo
    17.5… also you’re research could be a bit more precise!

    How many male?
    How many female?
    How many animals?
    Was the .5 because the participant was under age?

    These are all things we are clearly wondering before giving the extensive research you have conducted any credibility.

  40. Great post Lamebook! Magic whore blood…nice. Poor Gabe just wanted to give a shout out for his team.

    @ Walter- Try a frozen hotdog. I think it needs to be hard to get a sound out of anything, even a hallway.

  41. And I thought the post was funny, then I read the comments. COMMENTS FTW!

    oh an RIP Kitty.

  42. motherfuckin awesome!! this is the best internet fight yet. Apart from the ones in the comments.

    So what’d I miss? I’ve been so swamped with work/freelance & Fallout New Vegas I kinda forgot about you and now owe everyone something or other to make up for it.

  43. @ 34: Yes, but did your calculations take into account the magic whore ears that this girl undoubtedly has? We’re not talking about an “average” person here.

    @41: Did someone say New Vegas? Hell yeah! *internet high fives all around*

  44. hmm.. is this fake or otherwise altered? why isn’t there the option to “like” any of the comments? And why is there only the option to “flag” the last half of comments instead of all of them? hmmmmm

  45. lamebook needs to stop with these long ass posts. usually they’re not even good.

  46. For having friends like these, Gabe should go and eat an Andy Dick.

  47. why would a hotdog in a hallway make an echo? it’ll bounce around quite a bit i’m sure, but i don’t think it would be noisy. and no, huck’s penis is just small.

    i love the thought of toxic sperm that only magic whore blood can stand, though. you’re never too old to believe in magic.

  48. wow.
    i read all of that with a completely straight face, almost falling asleep.
    then i scrolled down and saw Shinsplints’
    “why would a hotdog in a hallway make an echo? it’ll bounce around quite a bit i’m sure, but i don’t think it would be noisy.”
    and laughed more than i have in months on this site!
    Thank you Shinspints

  49. @Sninsplints just goes to show our perception of magic. When you’re young it’s all about fairy magic and sorcerers… when you’re over 40 and mooching off the government it’s deffinately about whore magic.

  50. I want to learn how to ass hook a phone bill.

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