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  1. @gubenooj Shut the fuck up, thanks. I appreciate what you think of me, I really do. Because telling the truth 100% of the time equates to drama queen shit? Ok. Last I checked, drama queen entailed making up random shit to start drama.

    @Valenya I understand what TL;DR means, but what does the NF mean? Sorry, haha, but that’s honestly the first time I’ve seen that. I’m clueless.

  2. I agree 95.5% with gubenooj. Yes I’m a long time stalker first time poster. And yes before you came along keona the posts involved perverted conversations and frequant orgies. However they didn’t seem to have the same level of unbelievalby unnecessary over share and whineyness and statements made merely so that people could varify your excistence or feel sorry or give you sympathy… For craps sake it’s like instead of lamebook it’s Keonabook. I’m not saying you do it _all_ the time which is why I don’t 100% agree with gubenooj. But the almost every post recently has been you having a whinge about either your boyfriend not letting you have 3 somes which I’m pretty sure you said just to a) bring sex into the conversation b) have guys on here pander to you and c) be a sympathywhore and have everyone say ‘oh noes poor you’. The Sympathywhore option has been backed up time and time again, especially with your post the other day about almost being hit by a car, because after saying that and nobody responding to your whoreish cry for attention and sympathy you then posted ‘didn’t anyone notice the part where I almost got hit by a car’. Then your cleverly disguised ploy today of repeating ‘maybe I should just go back to lurking. Look you can be funny, when you’re not making your posts all about the drama that is your life. But to be honest I’ve wondered or more than one occassion if you are in fact just another personality of Meg. Mad2physicist I have not problem with you, you crack me up. And BritishHobo don’t ever change your crotchety ranty ways I *heart* you and your rocking chair and shotgun πŸ˜€

  3. *unbelievably, *existence…. and oh dear god it goes on like that.

  4. Keona- Oh! It means Not Funny… I label all my longer comments that way (in my head of course) I’m always TL;DR;NF

  5. I forgot the number 1 rule of the internet: Do not feed the trolls.

    @Valenya Ah, thanks. πŸ˜€

  6. Valenya, I asked the very same question regarding fruit vs. the real thing. And gubenooj call me old fashioned but 1 month of dating does not in my mind equate to finger fucking being an expected thing. Hoped for, yes…

  7. @yawntastic thumbs UP. That was nicely said.

    @mad2physicist, forgive me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that their relationship STARTED because he finger banged her. I do find it a little hard to believe that a relationship based off that didn’t progress any further. In other circumstances, I grant you, one month would not equate to finger banging being an expectation.

  8. Funny post for once…including the title! The first 10 comments here about said it for me.

    LMFAO @ Keona 16. I love that movie and that part is easily one of my top 3 scenes of it (the “I’m kicking my ass! Do you MIND?!!” and the speeding ticket scenes being my other two fave).

    I dunno why people are picking on Keona? If it means anything she is easily one of my favorite people here.

    I’m curious about this MEG person, though. For as long as I’ve lurked here (over a year on and off) I have never even seen her. “Ben” either, now that I think about it. Anyone care to enlighten me?

  9. Well I may not have a place to say anything about it all but I love reading everyones comments about the posts more than the actual posts most of the time… So, really, watching some people fight in the comments are some times more entertaining than the post. Just sayin. So, carry on if you like! If you like that you’re more entertaining than Lamebook. If not you should probably avoid one another.
    Good night!

  10. Fred, your theory intrigues me, I was under the impression he fingered her and then dumped her half an hour later.
    (OT Alert) Shelley, MEG is muepsilongamma, as well as several other usernames, and repeatedly posted her hatred of unwed mothers, followed by her annoyance at people disagreeing with her, culminating with a statement about how everyone wants her dead. Tits may have been involved.

  11. IMO the reason everyone is getting annoyed at Keona is that she thinks Lamebook is all about her and has posted way TMI about her personal life – making her lamer than most of the posts. Ironically now that lots of people are sick of it and calling her out she has become the centre of attention. At first I thought she was a clever and dedicated troll but sadly no πŸ™

  12. #58 If you’re asking who Ben is you’re a newbie

  13. Ben is Frodo, Frodo has a pool and likes to point out that posts might possibly be suggestive and alluding to sex πŸ˜€

  14. I’m guessing that the comments here have been partly ‘moderated’ as, otherwise, it just reads like a nervous breakdown.

  15. “Tits may have been involved”

    Hehehe. More like this. Please.

  16. @Shelly From what I understand Ben was some guy who used to go on angry rants about people who posted ‘first’ at the beginning of posts. Then someone who may or may not have been the actual Ben posted first on a post and got called out on it from others

  17. @Mad2 your description of Meg cracked me up.

    Finger Banging is my new favourite phrase!

  18. Hmm, glad I missed out on Meg then. Was Ben generally well liked before he disappeared? Seems like people miss him at times but I can’t tell if it’s in a good or bad way.

    @mb Yeah I started frequenting LB just over a year ago I think. Though, I never bothered following comments for the first many months. I found it hard enough to catch up on the posts themselves most times. But like I said, on and off though, when I did. Until recently.

    @jack I was thinking the same. But I’m curious to know more about Meg and how “tits may have been involved” LOL

    On another note, I despise ‘First’ posts but I just try to ignore them. I wonder where the hell it first began… but I do remember it being popular in LiveJournal communities (among other places but I was as addicted to LJ then as I am to FB now) yeeears ago before FB was even around/started gaining popularity. lol

  19. I have to agree with Yawntastic about Keona :P. She tends to treat Lamebook like how one would with their Facebook account, “updating” her RL status in the comments. Even telling the world she’s going to gym for gawdsake! Lame, but hey, this is Lamebook right?

    And seriously Keona, griping about your bf’s refusal to a 3-some? Can’t you respect his choice? Sure 3-somes are fun, but if he’s not comfortable, then he just isn’t. Either you give him time and space to think over it, or go find a new bf if group sex means so much to you. You posted your personal life all over lamebook, so I just put my 2 cents up. And gawd, I’m one step into being lame for bothering about this πŸ˜›

  20. Nevermind about Meg, I just found Valenya’s mention of the situation on a previous post. I’m still laughing…

  21. Same shit, different day. “Tits may have been involved.”


  22. Same shit, different day. β€œTits may have been involved.”


  23. @ 43: You’re right, it is only obvious to me. I’m just kinda hopeful thats what Thanksgiving involves. All of us just stuff the turkey together and hope the pictures never make it to Lamebook.

  24. @Keona stop bitchin’ and start suckin’. i ain’t here for your lifestory.

  25. LAST!

  26. WTF is a “newbie?”

  27. A newbie is a person who is less cool than the person who is calling them a newbie, NY virtue of the newbie having been the one who has spent LESS time on a given message board than the non newbie.

  28. *by virtue even

  29. Poor old walter, here let’s go change you’re diaper and get you some ham & pea soup. The internet has got you all rattled up again πŸ˜›

    @Keona I feel this post represents you in a way.
    You show up talk about sucking, 3-ways and you’re bf small penis to absolute strangers and then wonder why once we have had our entertainment fill we don’t respect or care for you.

    Not that it really bothers me per say, I just understand where everyone is coming from is all.

  30. … also known as a ‘noob’ which can quickly be edited to ‘nob’ which is a slang word for penis, which is an organ that can stimulated by mouth, this is called a ‘blow-job’ and this is how the whole sorry debacle started.

    … and tits may have been involved.

  31. You’re all reading it wrong.

    It reads ‘he finger banged her in a pumpkin patch.’

    Pumpkin Patch is actually a vernacular phrase for the ladies baby chute, which means Marcus is quite the gent as i always try lead off by shoving my ring finger up said ladies shit chute.


    internet ‘friends’ turning on each other? i’ve never seen this happen before! you guys imploded on each other with little to no outside help, and so quickly too. bravo! at least i got part of my wish, though i’m pretty sure junebug and wordpervert will come back in a timely fashion, they don’t seem the type to have lives outside the internet.

  33. Fuck me the comments were better than the LB post.

  34. Blah blah blah I’m eight years old and I hate you all except only some of you even though we all post basically the same comments and now I’m going to go put crayons up my nose and shit myself because I’m a child.

  35. @yawntastic i couldn’t have put it better. i’ve been a looong time lurker on here (basically since the beginnings of lamebook) and i only just recently started commenting every now and then. but i agree with what you said. i used to love the comments on here (word, hobo etc. always made me laugh), but nowadays (and i’m not calling anyone out) it’s all just about sex and attention, most of the comments don’t even have anything to do with the lamebook posts and i just think it’s a bit sad.

  36. I vaguely recall a certain movie being on every Thanksgiving. I believe it was called something like “Shitty Shitty Bang Bang”

  37. @yawntastic I have to agree with you 100%. Well said.

  38. i miss meg and her crazy ass.

  39. the post was kind of funny… the comments… tl;dr!

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