Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Special MOMents

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  1. What if I “addmit” I’m wrong all the time, but with one d? Am I still fucking retarded?

  2. insert clever name here

    @shiyu: No, then you would just be retardded.

  3. insert clever name here

    If I were Ben’s mom I wouldn’t be going around telling the world her son is a bastard. And, for the record, $40 is expensive for a bottle of wine to me but then I drive a 2001 Hyundai. *sigh*

  4. GrammaticalErrors


    I think I love you! I am so sick of my friends saying to me you can’t post this or that or the other on my page as my parents/grandparents/uncles cousins dog 24 times removed might see it. I’m 27 mind you, I think that makes it sadder.

    My mum looked me up once and said I don’t think you should have this and that on your page, I told her don’t like it don’t look at it! and changed my privacy settings so she can’t even search for me anymore and piss me off.

  5. yo dis is the story of ben the alcoholic bastard
    He treats his mom like shit with no respect whatsoever

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