Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bigot ‘n Quit It

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  1. No, actually it is the exact same party. It is the same party that was protested in Chicago and had free speachers taken from the convention by their government stooges.
    Todays’ democrats try very hard to hide their truth under a veil of lies. As the Churchill noted, the truth comes with a bodyguard of lies.

  2. @KarlaEU:
    Most Americans are not bigots. Most are exactly what you thought. I work alongside Muslim, Jew, pagan and Christian, Mexicans, Poles, Hmong, Kenyans, Somalies and Iowans. Everyone gets along just fine. We eat together and drink together and shop together. My next door nieghbor is from Vietnam and a Korean and Pakistani live down the street. One block over is a Ukrainian married to an American.
    My church has Liberian members, Chinese members, Black members, white members, and democrats worship along side republicans.

    For some reason people would like others to believe it is worse than it is. I don’t know why. I’ve been all over the world. I love the United States and I can’t figure out why others don’t. People in Haiti get into cardboard boats and sail past Cuba to get here. People have been coming here in rickity old boats for years and they keep coming.
    I think that says something.

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  4. People hate America because for a while we’ve been top dog. Which means we’ve been used to doing whatever we want, instead of adapting a more global mindset. Eventually it will change, we just need more time. As far as racism, I live in Pennsylvania and there isn’t racism here. Coming from the younger generation, we’ve heard about racism historically, and as a result, it has almost become a joke. In a sort of parrot way, we repeat racist things because we know we aren’t supposed to, not because any one here actually harbors those feelings. It is impossible to convey how terrible racism actually is without forcing the experience on someone, and as a result, we are removed from it, just like I know we fought the British a couple of times historically, I have no hatred of the UK. I think that that is the mindset of the first two posts. I don’t think there is any point is freaking out about how racist those people are because they are even joking about such a thing, because, well, it is just a joke.
    Dan’s post on the other hand… Well The southern region of the eastern United States has had more trouble treating people equally. But you have to understand the poverty that is nearly ubiquitous in that region. When people are poor, they are more likely to be superstitious and cling to ideals like ‘coloreds’ are inferior. On the other hand, Dan is afraid of losing his culture (I know I know, what culture could Dan possibly have?). He is afraid of adapting to the change. English is what he’s known to speak for all his life, and when the world around him changes, he doesn’t like it. But, in nature, the animals that don’t adapt die out, and I think Dan’s breed will be no different.
    Me? I am a caucasian male, college age. If someone asked me where I am from, I say “America”. When people as me, what are you? I say “Native American- I was born in America, and this is my country” If you were born in America, then it doesn’t matter to me what color you are, you are American too.

  5. lostintranslation

    @MikeysRight: “I live in Pennsylvania and there isn’t racism here.” — That’s a very broad statement, and I’d have to say that after spending six years in your state (in Philadelphia), I can’t back you up on it at all. I think it’s dangerous ground to tread when you assume that something doesn’t exist just because you’ve never had any direct experience of it. And while it’s great that your experience in this regard has been positive, it doesn’t mean that the problem has gone away. Racism is still a very real issue for many people in your city, your state, your country, and the world as a whole.

  6. Dan looks latinamerican descendant for me. A very FAT one.
    Racism or discrimination? All the thread I can realize these two concepts were mixed. I am not going to explain these for you, google it!
    Inmigration always is a issue for the country that receive foreigners. It is not that simple to force these people to get use to the new culture, specially the older ones. The youngest have the way easy, depending the country/city they’ve arrived. So, even when you have the right to speak yourself and give your opinion, try not to be so arrogant and see the whole problem as it is. People not always choose to leave their country, they must do it to survive and have a better chance!
    And about that think of “I am American”: hey, America is the continent, why do you appropriate the noun? You might be North american as Mexico and Canada. Oh! dont you know that, do you? Mexico is North America as well… so you are beaners too!

  7. @SeeBea: Although I agree with you more or less, I find your use of the word pagan instead of atheist rather ridiculous. Just thought you should know.

  8. @lostintranslation: well done! I wonder if MikeysRight’s parents let him to go out far from his house’s door.

  9. AccraGreatOlympic

    Craig seems like a real tough guy that sure could tell it as it is. My problem is that I have no idea what his remarks were. I mean what does language skills have to do with change? And is Beaner really a word used to describe somebody? Come on. If some group of people is known to eat a lot of beans you could at least say something about farting.

    I wish he would come over here to darkest Africa and explain.

  10. I am also a Canadian, and I am embarrassed by my countrymen who have posted here before me.
    @not.ben… You AGREE with Dan? WTF? Why? Because sometimes you have to wait in line, or have a frustrating phone conversation? You are right, you’re not Ben. Ben is funny.
    @AdmiralKnight… No! It’s not a Canadian thing. And learn to spell!
    @Erika… You’re O.K., but your coworker needs psychiatric help.

  11. @lostintranslation You are correct, it was a broad statement, but it was meant to speak for the vast majority of the people I have encountered in PA (having lived here for 10 years). I have met racist people in Pennsylvania, but they tended to be from the much more rural communities. Living in Philadelphia, and having worked for the city of Philadelphia, I haven’t seen a shred of racism. Though, I am bound by my own experience, and if you have seen otherwise, who am I to say no. But I do say, I have met hundreds of people and I would say less than 3% of them have been seriously racist.

    @Madrid on fire That seems a little harsh to imply that because I have had a positive experience and that I haven’t met a majority of racists (PERHAPS PEOPLE ARE CHANGING?) that I must automatically be a pampered fool.

  12. nothin to see here, moving right along.

  13. Jeez…

  14. Same as yaya and eenerbl.

  15. lostintranslation

    @MikeysRight: 3% is not the same as “no racism in my state”, which is what I was getting at. It was more a word of warning than a criticism, and I didn’t mean to come across as if I think you’re sheltered in any way. I was simply pointing out that your belief that racism had somehow been conquered in your state is quite dangerous. At best, that attitude leads to complacency and acceptance of the status quo; at worst, complete denial of a problem that is very real and affects millions of people the world over.

  16. @SeeBea
    Just for clarification – I’m absolutely not against America or Americans. I would never use an unconditional generalisation like that. I disagree with your government from time to time but then again I hardly ever agree with my own.
    I’m Danish and we’ve had the most horrific tone of debate regarding Muslims and Islam for the past decade or more. And not just in Denmark but in many western European countries the tone has been close to the terminology once used by my southern neighbours. (Not to mention the situation in Eastern Europe where you literally risk your life in certain areas if you’re black, Jewish, gay, Muslim ect.) The things is, that I naively assumed, that since your country is founded by immigrants, you would be more inclined to a greater tolerance towards those who are different. Denmark in comparison is a tiny, homogenetic country where you really stick out in the crowd should you, god forbid it, wear a headscarf. I know that there are loads of Americans who get along just fine with people who look different or who believe in something different. And overall, I still believe that the level of tolerance is greater in most parts of the US (except maybe for wherever Palin is) than in Europe but maybe (and I’m not being condescending about America being a young country) America has reached a point where racism/discrimination is now towards immigrants rather than blacks. Maybe because you’ve been a multiethnic country for so long that being black or Jewish doesn’t quite hold the same level of “being-differentness”…

    hmm, I seem to be rambling. Amazing how I can convince myself that doing this is far more important than my paper…

  17. I just hate the crap about outsourcing. That’s a financial consideration made by a corporation and boo hoo you have to call another country and deal with someone with a different accent. Life is hard.

    Thank you eyeheartbrains.

  18. @KarlaEU

    as an American i am all for immigration… as long as it is done through legal channels. i don’t know anyone who is completely against anyone moving to America from another country.. people just want it done RIGHT.

    as far as the whole “LEARN ENGLISH” debate.. i understand that America does not have a national language, but i honestly can’t fathom moving to a country and Not even attempting to learn their language. would i still speak English to my friends and family? oh, sure.. but i would put forth the effort to communicate WELL with the natives of that country.

  19. @turrista #92: Shut up redneck. Are you offended?

  20. insert clever name here

    The beer lynching photo is hilarious. The way I see it, is that the crappy worthless beer is hanging the very good lager. It’s the equivalent of taking a photo of two pieces of shit with white hats on, hanging a bar of gold. To me, it’s not glorifying lynchings of blacks or Hispanics but showing how worthless the lynchers were.

  21. Dan’s post is so much better considering it was send in by someone that has a French facebook.

  22. @Anonanus:
    Thanks, actually I was referring to the many non-traditional forms (wiccans, nativist, voodoo cults and etc.) that seem to be very popular today. I do not feel that anbody is honestly an atheist anyway. My reasons are many a varied and this is so far off topic already.

  23. w0o0o0o0w.. that’s so not funny by any means… its 2010 people seriously needs to grow up.. and let that racism shit go..for real.

  24. Matthew owned Dan. Good job Matthew.

  25. @ dangit

    matthew isn’t talking to dan. dan never even mentions the word beaner.

    lulz @ the first pic. i don’t care what the meaning/symbolism behind it is. if i opened someone’s fridge to this, i would give them a hearty laugh and a high five.

    anyways, i doubt whoever created that pic is racist. hence their ability to laugh at it

  26. did anyone notice that his profile is set to a language other than English?

  27. C. Proseedcake KSC

    That adds another level of asskicking to the last picture, if my hunch is right and Matthew sent it in. Not only does he dick down on the other posters, he’s putting in the effort to learn another language.

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