Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh No! Photos!

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  1. pff

  2. Boring

  3. Wonder if conductor Kasey’s last name is Jones? If so, he better watch his speed…

  4. Lol, fudge.


  5. 2nd one?

  6. 🙁

  7. lol@commentsatlarge.

    thats pretty much the only lol from me from this post

  8. @Jessica, no clue I was gonna ask too…is it because the Snowman is white and it’s labeled “Chocolate Fudge”? Or is it because some moron posted a picture that pointless? Not getting it.

  9. What are we back in the third grade? None of these were funny, and that’s just sad that someone thought they might be.

  10. @Jessica and blondbimbo, FUDGE PACK. Google it. (Actually it’s safer not to, I’m sure.)

  11. I’ve learned it’s best to Urban Dictionary things that could get bad on Google….

  12. Sigh.

  13. That’s good thinking.

  14. Urban Dictionary it is then… Because if fudge packing is what I think it is I seriously don’t want to google it.

    I usually don’t take advice from blondes but…Thanks BlondeBimbo that was some awesome advice 😀

  15. I hate to say these were lame, but…these were kind of lame. The last one was cute but obvious. They probably turned it into LameBook themselves too.

  16. These are gayer than the John Gayer debacle.

  17. I don’t need signs to tell me to sex it up.

  18. £7 for a fudge pack is a good deal.

  19. No Kasey, he’s not.

  20. What is so lame about the first two?

  21. Get it? Because the way he’s holding that train whistle looks vaguely phallic! So it looks like the little kid is about to suck on a penis! That’s hilarious!


  22. That doesn’t even look like a penis.

  23. The first one is one of those that belongs here simply because it proves how lame the person who submitted it is. You know, if it was an adult doing a suggestive pose with a vaguely phallic train whistle, maybe it might get a laugh. Doubtful, but maybe. But a kid in a train conductor’s hat holding a train whistle? Dude, you are definitely Lamebook material if you thought that was worth a submission.

  24. ^ This

  25. @Cass, for sure! Haha, I learned quickly that there are just some images better left unseen. Thank god for Urban Dictionary being picture-less. I hope that stays.

  26. These are as lame as getting super glue all over your fingers. I mean, not that I’m speaking from experience or anything… >.>
    where are some of those poetic stoned and drunk ‘about me’ posts? They never let me down!

  27. “£ 7 for fudge seems a bit pricey… for that i’d expect it to be clean…” if someone woulda commented that, i could have said “meh”… as is, thoroughly uninteresting.

  28. 1: I am seriously sick of cock jokes. Jesus CHrist, I’m going to become a les at this rate of cock hatred. -.-

    2:That doesn’t make me laugh, that makes me want me to pack some in my mouth like squirrels pack nuts in theirs.

    3: That was a winner. 😀

  29. It’s a train whistle.. come on. Geez.

    Fudge pack? It’s Christmas time (well, almost time to start selling Christmas stuff). People buy fudge for Christmas, it’s FUDGE. A real chocolate thing. Not, funny. It’s not some funny accident.

  30. @Keona-1
    until you get your next filling of it, if you catch my drift. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

  31. MsBuzz, they would have done well to perhaps name it ‘pack of fudge.’

  32. That train whistle one is just sick…seriously, whoever saw a kid playing with that toy (tons of kids have them) and that’s the thought that came into their head? then they are the lame ones. No, that adjective isn’t appropriate, I think ‘sick’ and ‘disgusting’ or maybe ‘vile’ would paint a better picture. That’s a little kid you fucking sicko, that whistle only looks vaguely like one. Why not just take a picture of the flute section of an orchestra, HILARIOUS! right? after all, those vaguely look like them, or maybe someone eating a popsicle or a banana! HAHAHA it looks a little bit phallic. I hope that whoever posted that gets the shit beaten out of them.

  33. Is fudgepacking really an archaic expression?

  34. MsBuzzkillington your name suits you well. I bloody know that it’s a real chocolate thing for the holidays. Quite tasty, too.

    @nuff – facepalm.

  35. Jesus wept lighten the fuck up you bunch of sooks. Hey Jon you whinging prick, when you saw it, and didnt like it, that was your cue to FUCK OFF. Who does it benefit reading a damn novel about why you didn’t like it? People are coming here for a laugh not a lecture. There was a time when the comments section was used for funny additions to the funny posts. Now it has degraded to a place for a bunch of egotistical fuckers to come and pour out their feelings and emotions and give us a blow by blow account of every thought on each individual post. Same goes for all you tossers. Also fudge packers is funny, giving your kid a whistle that looks like a dick is funny and thanks to the ones who manage to keep their posts under 3 paragraphs and improve the HUMOUR around here and make me laugh. (yeah i get it this is a long post like the ones i am complaining about, isn’t it ironic.)

  36. Jon, I think ‘cock’ whenever I see someone with a popsicle or a whistle. Not the flute though; too long and thin.

  37. Remember what I said earlier about Urban Dictionary having no images? I’m a liar. Luckily this one is innocent women literally packing fudge into boxes. But now I’m nervous about future searches…

  38. Well said nuff…

  39. Is it really hard to imagine a double meaning for fudge packing? You may as well search for anal sex rather than see if you can get close to it by searching for confectionary.

  40. LMAO@ anorexiapanda

  41. 1. Adults put way too much sexual emphasis on things that clearly AREN’T sexual and that a child that age definitely isn’t going to see as sexual either. Though, to echo mad2, I pretty much see phallic images in a lot of objects as well. And agreed with nuff!

    I thought the pic was kind of cute, really.

    2. Easily understood, but just boring. Frosty looks like he enjoys getting snowpacked, though.

    3. Pretty cute and clever IMO. Never seen it done before. I lol’d.

  42. Number three made me snigger (mind you I think that’s a reflection on my level of maturity than the cleverness of the individual who was able to look at an exit sign and think about sex). But then anorexicpanda trumped it all by making me lmao with #17.

  43. Hrmm moderation… really?? O’k edited version: Number three made me snigger, tho I think that’s more a reflection on my level of maturity than the cleverness of the individual who was able to look at an exit sign and think about s3x. But then anorexicpanda trumped it all by making me lmao with #17.

  44. The lamest thing about #2 is that the person uploaded it themselves. Even if it were funny to begin with, seeing “from your album” down the bottom would completely negate the funniness.

    #3 is great though ;D

  45. Oh the fun and laughs we had when we put up that amusing S-exit-up sign at my office! (I work in a sales office for pink lightbulbs)

    The ladies of course didn’t find it amusing, they thought it was sexually degrading, almost caused a bit of an incident till i told the cock munching spunk barrels to stop setting fire to their bras and concentrate on steaming up the glass ceiling instead.

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