Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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  1. Can somebody tell me what that pink thing is in the background of the second one?

  2. Anyone?

  3. looks like two fairly large earthworms making out.

  4. Where is everyone? Have you all pissed off to the POW site? Yes, I’ve since checked it out. I’m now informed as to what it is.

  5. I don’t see the first one as a fail. I think Bucky is taking the piss. The 2nd is kind of a really rubbish fail. The 3rd though makes me want to slap her. Sony Ipod? Seriously what a retard.

  6. Labia?

  7. toes, obviously

  8. Toes? Like Cheetoes? Doritoes? Boritoes? WTF!

  9. @7, it’s not that obvious.

  10. Werd Word!

  11. It actually has sort a fetus appearance. I am very worried.

  12. @word ok, I thought it was. She’s sitting cross-legged so her left foot is under her right knee and she’s barefoot.

  13. Mmmm, Doritoes! If only!

  14. No matter. It’s a piece of crap post, anyway.

    Lamebook, you’re disappointing me – on a regular basis. Step it up, boys, or I’ll have to go over and hang out at POW and ridicule the shoppers, instead.

  15. I’m going to have a shower, and while I’m in there, I’ll sing the Neil Young song, Piece Of Crap in honour of this post.

  16. MsBuzzkillington

    What is POW?

  17. MsBuzzKillington, I think it’s the People of Walmart website.

  18. The second one was great!

  19. So that’s where my Sony iPod thing went. Lost it in that hookers bra, too bad I don’t remember what corner she works on. Bollocks. I really want that back.

  20. Prisoner of War.

    Yes, I know that was lame and fucking stupid, but what else can I say about this post? Lol, the little figure looks like he’s wanking. Oh, she made a joke about herpes. People of Walmart sucks.

    …that’s just about everything.

    I’m here all week.

  21. notwiththeotherhand

    after having enjoyed lamebook for a whole while, i just now registed to share with the world how the “not with the other hand” picture made me laugh. i blame the gin.

  22. Bucky sounds like a guy’s name. Am I correct?

    The last one must be from my ex-girlfriends profile.

  23. The first one too!

  24. Not with my other hand! ha, made me laugh too

  25. His hand is in his pants, he don’t need no alibi.
    Just like he’s in court, he’s gonna testify…

  26. In homage to the 2nd one I will now reveal a secret from my childhood.

    I used to make my sisters’ Ken ream out her Barbie doll and leave them in compromising positions so that our parents would find them and think she was sexually sick.

    It was funny until they electrocuted her brain and made her have a female circumcision

  27. It’s either a penis or a hot dog that was cooked in a microwave.

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