Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lousy Linguistics

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  1. first

  2. I think I am having a bad day, I dont get the second one.

  3. they put ‘mammogram’, which is a breast exam, rather than…. monogram…? i’m guessing.

  4. as alejandrisha (wtf!!) would say:

    ‘might wanna reward that.’

  5. FuckMustard, she said Mammogram, as in brest exam!

  6. *mite

  7. Letting douchebags come in your ass is it’s own reward, really.

  8. Ah thank you guys, I really am having a bad day to not catch that.

  9. You might wanna reword that, like, I dunno, put “something came up” in quotemarks like that, so people know that they’re not one sentence, maybe. That’s something you can do, maybe, because you didn’t already.

  10. yet again an unfunny thing from alordlsums, using what someone JUST SAID, IN THE FUCKING POST and trying to play it off as his own joke wtf seriously

  11. Is it just me…or does that H in the “Mamogram” look like he’s giving it to her from behind?

  12. Not bad really, not totally hilarious, but not bad. The second one is dumb. However, I wouldn’t want to be admitting I ate out my dad… that could be construed that he is more like a he/she, but I wouldn’t want to be admitting that anyways….
    Disturbing on so many levels…. lol

  13. maybe the MOST HIDEOUS mamo-monogram I have ever seen. Is this wedding happening in 1991??

  14. oh wait, the date is right there on it. riFUCKINGDICULOUS.

  15. Do people not know you can delete your statuses when you make a typo, instead of commenting with a correction? I’m looking at you, Amanda. No one else commented, it’s not like you were going to lose a dozen deep and insightful thoughts from your friends.

  16. Ooh. Something Came up my Ass is my favorite horror porn movie.

  17. Dammit teo get out of my head!

  18. @anon
    why can’t we all just get along?!

  19. MsBuzzkillington

    I was thinking the same thing manybellsdown. I think they do it just to try to be funny. Which is stupid.

    Also, she could have said “something came up.” Yeah right….
    because not matter how many quotation marks she puts there.. you still read… something came up my ass.

  20. Alord, you must have really screwed anon over. He hates you man, hates you real bad. Did you screw the little freak and then dump him like the squirrelly little piece of almost legal ass he is?
    Damn them little bitches be hatin’

  21. how can you be so myopic, pedantic?

    he’s obviously in love with me.

  22. I’m so jealous of you alord!

  23. Alord I must agree, I think he IS in love with you.

    The first one is just comic. Not only for the comming up ass but rewarding part too. I guffawed.

  24. I uploaded all kinds of stuff a week ago and still haven’t seem them, but I see this!? They’d better be putting my submissions in this book they keep talking about

  25. @ tellmelies I am so glad I am not the only perv. I thought it was a t giving it to the f from behind. I like my funny way more the the bad spelling.

  26. Dawn and James are a tasteless pair of fuckwit amoebas with the style and class of a dead squirrels’ hard cock.

    I’m going to be his best man, I’ll be dressed in day-glo pink tails with a fucking bucket on my head.

  27. I enjoy all your comments, Imamofo. Keep up the good work.

  28. Why thank you Word!

    That’s dangerously close to a compliment! The last person who praised me was rewarded with ear sex (the nice kind) How are you fixed for ear sex? Fancy some?

  29. oh I most definitely took to pervy route with the monogram, tellmelies && wanttomakeout.
    in fact I only just joined as to comment on my perversion.

  30. Imamofo, as it happens, I adore aural sex.

  31. Then prepare to get your laughing takle around my Cochlea.

  32. I’m experiencing vertigo at the very thought.

  33. I swear I have had more fun tonight reading you guys all goof on each other and the posts. thanks 🙂

  34. I want to go to Dawn’s wedding and help her with her mammogram

  35. Yo Imamofo, you should wear a KFC bucket and carry a guitar. Then you could say your Buckethead and play music at the wedding..

  36. I’m mostly horrified that there is a person in the world named Alejandrisha.

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