Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everybody Hurts

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  1. Wow, even young-earth creationists peg the age of the earth at about 6,000 years.

  2. Sorry, Jessica. Next time don’t be such a bitch and maybe your period won’t lead to extra punchuation.

  3. Didn’t we hear from Ace’s dumb ass the other day???? and lol @ Soup.

  4. Ace isn’t the quite the “ace” is he? Yeah, that was bad, but whatever.

  5. Ace is missing some cards from him deck!

    Aim high Dusten!

  6. Lol @ Dusten’s picture. Such a bright kid…

  7. Ace makes me want to slam my fist into a wall.

  8. These statuses actually cause me physical pain; I completely despair of humanity at times.

  9. Ok can someone please explain to me Ace’s logic behind this and wtf he means about the 1 year old.


    America… the only country where it’s OK to love fast food AND the people that make it for you.

  11. *hate the people

  12. The first one hurts my head.

  13. Great, that’s just fucking great Jessica. Now I can’t even get a BJ without getting blood on my cock. Thanks a lot Soup.

  14. Jessica, maybe if you kept your finger out of there.

  15. My first job was at Taco Bell and I spit in Iron_E’s taco. And not the one you eat. Well you could. But not in the traditional sense.

  16. I wonder if Ace injured himself thinking so hard…

  17. FuckMustard, for some reason he thinks the birth of Jesus = the day the earth was created… :S

  18. now we no why sara rites lik dis

  19. I hope Sara is never a grandmother, because that would require her to breed. I seriously hate her.

  20. My son is 14 and when he was reading a book while riding home from school, another student asked him why he was reading a book because only nerds read them. My son replied, “Because I won’t be working at Taco Bell when I grow up.” Uh, yeah….Sara and Dusten.

  21. @Leslie You just reminded me of my first year of college. My dorm room was right by a stairway, and I was sitting in the living room relaxing with a book for most of the first afternoon. My roommates came in that night and were SO EMBARRASSED by me because all the guys they had talked to said “oh you live in that room where that chick was reading all day”. Apparently college students shouldn’t do that.

  22. @22

    reading isn’t bad per se, but maybe you ought to stay off the cummings.

    there’s only so much cummings a girl can ingest in one day without overloading.

  23. So true alord, so true.

  24. @FuckMustard, I believe he is talking about the first human ever born, creating the yearly time measurement. The first human born, when the 365th day hit, said “eureeka it has been one year!” So yes, a 1 year old baby concocted this.

  25. Gotta love the redundant “a” making the “imma” contraction that precedes it pointless.

  26. lol@Soup

  27. @ alordslums:

    I love you for actually knowing what that’s from. Not a popular poem, I guess.

  28. Sara is my kind of girl, un-educated, un-intelligent, and brainless, basically a vascous ballbag emptying machine.

    We’d b 2getha 4 eva.

  29. She was obviously home-schooled.

  30. That is such a bad stereotype. I was home schooled and when I went back into public school I was ahead of everyone. She is just dumb.

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