Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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  1. inb4 some shi9tty unfunny comment by defectiveuser

  2. hey anon, where’s YOUR funny, incisive comment about the posts….?

    ….. oh…. sorry…. i forgot….

  3. hey alordslums, remember when you moaned for 4 posts in a row about somethin noone cared about cus u thought they cared? when that i heart truckers catchphrase was stolen? is that the kind of funny incisive posts you want me to write? hahahah ur sucha pussy

  4. Stuart – Yeah I too find the suffering of millions of people a topic worth joking about. Fucking douche.

    Hey anon, can you stalk me as well? Feeling kinda left out 🙁

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOCCq0gjvrE

    i was going to go for the original mills brothers, but something told me you’d prefer buble, anon.


  6. The first one is just a complete bummer, I don’t give a buggering damn about their childish attempts at satire.

    Allison I remember when we first fucked, I still feel my dick burn when I take a piss.

  7. hahaha alordslums ur such a fag you listen to michael buble

  8. my <3 is taken by a trucker

  9. my Yorkie was taken by a trucker

  10. your dog or your chocolate bar…?

    i’m not sure which one would be more emotionally crippling…

  11. Chocolate bar, biscuit ‘n’ raisin as well, the twat.

  12. oh, i’m sorry about that, paranoid.

    you must’ve just not met the right trucker yet…

  13. Allison, they have ointment for that now. Thank God!

  14. Hey anon, remember that time you went on for about a month about that time alordslums moaned for four comments, and nobody gave a single flying shit what you had to say?

    Fun times.

  15. 🙂

  16. hey birtishhobo, remember when alordlsums said all that shit and acted liek a real pussy and ppl didnt care and dont liek him but he thinks they do? i remember that hahahahah hes such a fag

  17. 🙁 I sent in better stuff than this. Please post it Lamebook. It’s gooooood.
    On a side note, anonisgayisgay is such a whiny little bitch, honestly shut the fuck up. alordslums does a lot more for these comments sections than you have ever done for anything.

  18. @14
    I was thinking the exact same thing when I read anon’s whiny bitch post about alord again today.
    Anon, go and kick some rocks, walk on glass and drink bleach. It might just be doing the world a favour at this point.

  19. Stuart stole that line from Fark. Not that I care, just pointing it out.


  20. And yes I realise the irony in my post, whining to Lamebook about them not posting my submissions and then calling Anon a whiny bitch.
    @busterbros I was expecting it to be from Sickipedia. Meh, if it’s funny it’s funny.

  21. Hey, anon, remember that time you made some really witty and incisive comments about the post in question, and we were all like, ‘Wow, that anonisgayisgay is a really intelligent, funny member of the human race, and not some oxygen-thieving bellend’?

    Neither do I.

  22. As far as that last picture goes…
    That’s the beautiful thing, David DOES have the freedom of speech. Ben, you DO NOT have the right to not be offended.
    Nowhere in the constitution does it grant anyone the right to not be offended. All this political correctness is getting old.

  23. Ignoring the fact that right to free speech is only guaranteed against the government…

    I’m always confused by how when people get ruffled up because, say, “David can say whatever he wants because he has freedom of speech” and yet at the same time get upset with Ben. All he did was tell David he was offended (sorta), doesn’t he ALSO have the right to say what he will, or does freedom of speech only extend as far as the first person? Does freedom of speech mean you can say what you want, or that you can say you you want and no one has the right to have an emotional reaction OR speak up against you?

  24. Actually Nick, the ninth amendment states basically that whatever is not specifically denied as a right in the constitution, is actually a right. Also Ben retains the freedom of speech to make PC remarks like a pussy.
    On the other hand, David did state that he is opposed to killing Mexicans. Sounds perfectly PC to me! I also am opposed to killing Mexican aliens as well as deporting them.

  25. @Mad, I’m not for killing them either, but I’m all about deporting Mexican (or German or Italian or English or whatever) aliens, if they’re illegal. You break the law, you should face the consequences.

    It’s like saying if someone breaks into your house and sets up an apartment in your basement and you say “well I’m opposed to kicking them out”

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