Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wicked Response

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  1. First one was OK. The other two, not so much.

  2. I don’t get the first one, maybe because I don’t know what the zoo movie is supposed to be.. is it funny because “Jews are animals” or because the zoo movie is so lighthearted and family-friendly that renting Schindlers List would really take a crap on Family Movie Night?

  3. I guess everyone went to google+

  4. Family Movie Night sounds fucking awful and something I can certainly see myself taking a crap on.

  5. Watching your kids cry during Zombieland is good fun, though.

  6. The only reason MsAnneThrope is against family movie night is because after the movie was over her uncle would lure her into the bathroom and play hide the salami. isnt that right you dumb cunt!

  7. christopherlovet

    Maybe your uncle just didn’t love you, shroppy?

  8. Geez, MsAnne, what’d you do to ^ this one?

  9. it’s true. ninjas are way overrated.

  10. Ninjas, maybe, but what’s your outtake on pirates, MsAnne?

  11. Movie pirates?

  12. oobieetc it’s implying jews are animals

  13. Thanks for the clarification ben.. Aahh, antisemitism… hilarious for 2500 years and counting!

    And seriously, MAT, give it a rest. Wah, wah, my home life sucked, mommy didn’t love me, daddy wasn’t around, gotta stay skinny so more menfolk will fuck me. Yawn.

    I’m sure to you any sort of organized family activity is nowhere near as fun as lying in a pool of your own and several other men’s bodily fluids after a hard rawking night on the town, but your kids (or future kids? oh God I hope you’re infertile) would certainly find it more enjoyable.

  14. No, Velocirobber. Ass pirates.

  15. did i piss on your cornflakes, oobie? let it go.

  16. Indeed there is a huge difference between movie pirates, real historical pirates, modern pirates, ass pirates and even internet pirates, so you will have to specify which beast ye be referring to.
    But, CapnJaques, if you are asking about movie pirates – I’m guessing by the ‘Capn’ part of your name that you will probably *not* like what I have to say on that topic.

  17. Oh no, while it may seem so, and assumed by most, Capt. status comes from an entirely diff. profession..more so that of a paramilitary organization, god only knows how ‘I’ ended up with the title. I was more referring to the endless internet argument over ninja vs pirates, which, I still don’t get and never seem to find a definite answer on which is “better” or who will win..heh..but just for humorous purposes indulge us, I’m sure someone will be interested on your creative yet negative tirade of movie based characters!

  18. I’ll save it for a rainy day blog.

  19. Well, in any case, I guess I appreciate the lack of motivation, I’m sure I’ll mullz about the webnet for not much longer…benzotranq combo is def starting to kick in, small dose more of the morphine and I might just crash and watch a clockwork orange until I pass out…hopefully not before the master rapes the lady whilst singing in the rain and crushes an old broad with her giant art like phallus sculpture!

  20. ^what?

  21. Yeah, people who are trying to be cool almost always mention A Clockwork Orange, mass. It doesn’t work.

  22. well, to be fair, it only doesn’t work because clockwork orange is a horrible movie.

  23. ^Are you daft?

  24. daft? no. bat shit crazy, maybe. still that movie was cinematic masturbation. While I am normally a big fan of masturbation of any kind, bullshit art is like trying to masturbate with your left hand while your parents are knocking on the door reminding you its time to go to grannys funeral. after you take out the trash. speaking of which…brb.

  25. Uh, ok, since no one actually clarified for that person who was asking, it’s funny because the movie is called “We Bought a Zoo.” That’s it. No anti-semitism, just making fun of someone for not knowing the name of a movie whose entire premise is in the title.

  26. thank you someone! hahaha oobiedoobiedoo… what benladen said is not correct… its not to call jews animals…. the person is just making fun of the person for not knowing the name of the movie.

  27. I think the people who know the name and premise of any Matt Damon movie are the ones who need to be ridiculed.

    Thank you, imdb. You’re a fucken saviour.

  28. ^unfair, Bacchante. 🙁 Matt Damon has made many quality fillums!
    Inglourious Basterds, Fight club, Kalifornia, Se7en, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford…. you’re very unkind today.

  29. Um, yeah. And I guess he was pretty memorable in Team America…

  30. memorable? it was his defining role.

  31. Hey now, what about “I’m Fucking Matt Damon”?

  32. exactly. totally defined.
    dude nailed it.

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