Friday, January 22, 2010

Forever Lame

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  1. Tattoo fail. Haha!
    Why would you get words all up your arm anyway, regardless of context?

  2. Awww, Lady Dane has been offended.

    In that case, I can say I was offended by her misuse of the English language while criticizing someone else’s misuse of the same.


  3. Tip: If getting a tattoo, just don’t get writing, then you won’t have the problem of spelling/grammar mistakes.

    I’ve got three tattoos, and admit I have a tramp stamp. My defence to having one is that I was 14 when I got it done and I can’t really see it so I don’t care lol. I would be gutted if I had a spelling mistake permanently on my arm though.

    SPANKA for the win, I’ve heard that soo many times but it always makes me chuckle 🙂

  4. It offends me when words are “Americanized” and Z’s are swapped for S’s in ENGLISH words. Criticising.

  5. chickens dont clap

    Hahaha, TheEyesHaveIt I loved your fashion nazi comment. Also thought LadyDane’s overly aggressive response to Pearl’s perfectly justifiable comment was fairly hilarious. I think grammar nazi fuckhole is my new favourite insult.

    Oh, and @79 Jawbroken – it’s been pointed out so many times on here that use of s and z varies from Europe/Australia to America, so you should really stop attacking people who use their country’s variant (epitomise instead of epitomize). Oh god, I too have become sucked into the grammar war. Don’t hate me!

  6. chickens dont clap

    @blondie1508 *high five*

  7. @ Chickens dont clap: I’m not usually one who picks on peoples grammar or spelling, but I too think I have been sucked into the grammar war that is now Lamebook.

  8. It was the use of the word ‘optimise’ that jawbreaker corrected to epitomise/ze.

  9. Well done, I was correcting Pearl.

  10. Oops sorry I just realised you weren’t on about my comment. Sorry.

  11. Sorry, I was referring to chickens don’t clap’s comment 🙂

  12. I know just realised, sorry.

  13. chickens dont clap

    @diylysin oops! Right you are. Sorry Jawbroken! I clearly didn’t read too closely.

    @LadyDane – and that’s how you admit you were wrong without calling innocent people fuckholes 🙂

  14. Just don’t like to see a legitimate fuckhole grammer Nazi with a good point (jawbroken) go unappreciated. 🙂

  15. There are so many grammar nazi’s on this site! I may become one but I fear I am not intelligent enough 🙁

  16. *Nazis.. LOL, sorry couldn’t resist

  17. Haha I wasn’t sure whether to put a captial or not, damn…FAIL

  18. chickens dont clap

    @dilysin yes you are right! I was so fixated on s/z that I missed the o/e mistake. Jawbroken had a good point – I admit that I am Frodo, and I have no pool.

    And @blondie1508, I agree… with so many eagle-eyed people on here there is a great risk of trying to be intelligent and making a retart out of yourself 😛

  19. It wasn’t the capital, it was the apostrophe 🙂

  20. Oh dear I am definitely Frodo and have no pool! My defence is it is 3am here and I am rather tired. Argh because of all the grammar (N)/nazis I’m finding myself being really careful with my typing. I’m such a retart.

  21. lol @118 🙂 no pool indeed, maybe I am frodo because I don’t have a pool, would really like one at the moment because it is frickin hot (41 degrees).

  22. Last comment actually relates to the post was blondie @103. Hmmm..

  23. We’re not all bad. Some of us are more like benevolent dictators than actual gestapo.

  24. Dear Lady Dane,
    Thanks for clarifying that. So writing tatoo instead of tattoo is writing loosley?
    And saying would of, instead of would have?
    And must of, instead of must have?

    That was mildly amusing and deserved a bit of abuse….

    “i know how to use proper grammar but i dont like to, so fuck off”?????

    Still ROFLMFAO 🙂

    PS You do realise you sparked the whole Grammar Nazism wave?

  25. I would just like to say that I have a tattoo of an ex-girlfriend’s name and it ain’t much fun right now as as I am married to someone else (with a different name as luck would have it) so PLEASE PEOPLE, THINK BEFORE YOU INK…

  26. haha and if you ever decide to get a tattoo, make sure you know how to spell and that the grammar is right haha

  27. @caycoo, ok the whole “would of” instead of “would have” is my bad becuase i usually use “of” instead of “have”, but now i know so i can use the proper grammar, but when i meant spell loosley i didn’t mean spelling words wrong, i meant not using apostrophes like instead of “don’t”, i use “dont” i am not actually spelling it wrong, just not using apostrophes, and it’s not like people wouldnt understand what i am writing just becuase i didnt use one in my word. And yes i do realize that i sparked a whole grammar nazi fuckhole wave and that is why i am going to use proper grammar from now on because this isn’t just lamebook, its grammar school, plus all this conflict over proper grammar is annyoing.

  28. wow… a grammatically incorrect copy of what is possibly Blink 182’s most homoerotic song

  29. @LadyDane I totally understand what you mean. I am in no way a grammar Nazi, for I sometimes make grammar mistakes in my writing as well. I also understand that sometimes people makes typing mistakes, especially on blogs since it’s the least formal medium. HOWEVER, since you called this guy a moron AND made grammar mistakes in your post, YOU kind of set yourself up for that one. It’s just too ironic to pass up, you were just an easy target. The best response is to just laugh it off instead of calling @Pearl “fuckhole”.

  30. @31 – If you’re (Emphasising this means YOU ARE) calling Poe on Lady Dane than they can drop the act defending themselves surely…?

    Considering nobody here (I HOPE) is going to get any of this thread tattooed on their arm I’m sure we can all just chill on all the grammatical mistakes or any other discrepancies, the point was these people are idiots but you’re all wasting time whaling on each other instead of slamming the post… the point.

    But to re-iterate the delightfully miss-spelled davinhci (I get it also is sometimes spelt like this, but a typo would’ve been cooler) you were being smug and deriding others as morons from the precarious confines of your glass house and therefore should be humble when corrected.

    Chill on typos, please… 100 plus posts with at least a quarter bitchin at each other’s spelling, it reminds me of my grandmother, and I know she can’t use the internet so some of you have qualities common in old ladies… having said that, Tim @28… “retarted” is that being tarted for the 2nd time, I could see how that would be excessive…

  31. lostintranslation

    @LadyDane: “but when i meant spell loosley i didn’t mean spelling words wrong”

    For the record, you spelt “loosely” wrong 🙂

  32. doesn’t say much for the tattooist either. i mean, ok it’s not his job to spell/grammar check stuff, but it’d be nice to know that if he’s gonna get paid to scar you for life, that he’s got the sense/integrity to point out stuff which is gonna make your (more intelligent) friends n foes laugh like fk atcha BEFORE you’re committed..

  33. Don’t waste you are time on me you are already the voice inside my head.

  34. @alproshazam Just FYI, I’m Vietnamese, my real name is Vinh and hence the play on the word “davinci”, I know how to spell davinci, as in Leonardo da Vinci. I adopted “davinhci” as my nick for many of my online accounts. If you’re calling me out for “judging” people then you need to stop doing so yourself.

  35. It really saddens me that Nazis are taken to be these evil Jew killing people. I for one wish someone would take out Ben Stiller and Barbara Streisand… Oh well… I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me, gramma-grammarazi.

  36. Okidoke “davinhci” let’s do this then… I was hoping the contents of the parenthesis would prevent me from such an incident, but some quarrelsome folks just can’t help themselves…
    Parenthesis (ie these things: ( ) [ ] { } ) are punctuation marks that indicate a side note.
    Imagine me talking to you, (If you’re imagining it, it’s already in parenthesis) let’s just say I’m giving you the dictionary definition of the word reiterate, for instance. I’d be all like “Reiterate means repeat, and it infers that you’re agreeing with someone” In your head you’d be thinking about your favourite Barbara Streisand song, so that would be in brackets, ie: (Is my fave Babs song, Memory, No More tears or is it He touched me, I wonder?) and I’d be mainly like (This guy doesn’t know what reiterate means for shit) and then something like this would happen.

    Davinhci, check this out (You missed it the first time because you accidentally forgot to read what was in the parenthesis, discarding it instead like a true Barbara Streisand fan would) but this is what I typed now that you know how to deal with these tricky little devils… Ready:

    (I get it also is sometimes spelt like this, but a typo would’ve been cooler)

    and yeah I was agreeing with what you said about LadyDane, that’s why I said reiterated, but granted, I fucked up and inserted an extra hyphen, so it threw you into a frenzied whirlwind of paranoid parenthesis avoidance culminating in you deciding I was “Judging” you, which I did not… and still haven’t besides my light hearted treatment of your dubious music predilections.

    Spell your name however you please, I said a typo would’ve been cool (ironic or something)…

    But now you’re upset and you’ve locked yourself in your bedroom listening to the essential collection of you-know-who on full blast…

    Lighten up, Barbara would.

    (Streisand pre-occupation Marklar’s fault, and SouthPark: “Ba bu raaa ba bu raa”)

  37. …yeh yeh “grammer nazis” I get that there was one word too many after the ( ) in the 2nd paragraph, why don’t I get my friend to proof check that shit before I post…?

    On a different (tattoo) note, if they took the song text on a piece of paper than that was their responsibility, but if they said it to him and he dictated wrong then the onus is on the tatt artist. They are both responsible but only one has to deal with it permanently, and the one that gets off is the one that stares at it for those crucial couple of hours…

    Incidentally, I knew a tattoo artist who used to sneak subliminal boobs and skulls and middle fingers etc into the back ground of tattoos on people that he didn’t think much of…

  38. My biggest pain is ‘you’re’ vs. ‘your’, and ‘to’ vs. ‘too’, ‘their’ vs. “they’re” and other similar grammatical errors. Please don’t hate all grammar nazis, we’re not all that bad. I pick on the obvious mistakes, not general sentence structure, I save that for peer grading. Besides, so many Lamebook posts are based on grammar errors… and gives us the opportunity to see the mistake those Lame-os made, and have a laugh.

  39. @Grammarpoliz

    Lame-os’ is plural thus utilizing an apostrophe after the s.


  40. Your you’re own worst enemy, my friend.

  41. holy shit please learn how to use your and you’re properly

  42. oh geez… there are actually SO many pics on this site with people who don’t know how to correctly use “their” and “they’re”… it makes me cringe… ESPECIALLY when it’s tattooed! It’s permanent people, run a spell check before getting inked!

  43. @141… I really hope you were joking.

  44. I don’t get it. Sure it’s understandable to not use spell check when typing on Facebook – big deal. But how do all these people manage to have it permanently put on their skin. You’d think the artist would point out the mistake.

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