Wednesday, April 16, 2014

That’s not how it works

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  1. no debts. student loans aren’t debt, and don’t need to be paid off! glad to know this, for some reason i’ve been paying mine.

  2. Bet that card is maxed before the end of the week.

  3. Future Nobel Prize in Economics winner…

  4. UK? I thought the socialists paid for school

  5. UK student loans are paid back only when your earnings reach a certain threshold and you accrue no interest until you reach that threshold. Also your loans payments are taken pre-tax so you are getting a favourable deal there. What this person has done is pretty sensible

  6. OP now has to give blowjobs to pay student loan back.

  7. Without any money, you are free to do whatever you can afford.

    That’s not much fun.

  8. @5: Except she probably didn’t to it for that reason, and probably doesn’t have that knowledge :P.

  9. This lamebook post is a massive fail.

    Using a student loan to reduce credit card debt and overdraft fees is good economics.

    Whoever put this on lamebook just doesn’t understand the UK student loan system. For example, I have like 12k worth of student loan ‘debt’, but because I only have to slowly pay it off a little bit at a time from my salary, and only if I earn enough, it’s about as real to me as Jesus (i.e. not very real).

    Joke’s over kids, nothing to see here.

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