Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grand Ol’ Time

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  1. just home u made it back from your ‘adventure’ grandma!!

  2. and by home, I totally meant hope! lol

  3. What is “christmas 153”?

    I thought it was a year with a missing digit, but that isn’t right…

  4. I <3 Betsy

  5. Betsy FTW.

    And the last one… couldn’t have woken Grams? “Oh hey everyone, let’s gather round our dear old granny and snap a photo of her looking dead and us looking super-excited. Then let’s Photoshop the shit out of it and post it on our facebooks with a description that leads everyone to believe she is indeed, dead. Thanks for the inheritance, Grams! RIP!!!!11!!1”

  6. If Betsy is Matthew’s grandma, I agree with him wholeheartedly. I would follow her to bingo, masturbating the whole way just to have an orgasm in her presence. The cries of “BINGO!” would just be icing on the cake.

  7. Why aren’t anyone reacting on the fact that lamebook has forgot to pixelate one of the names?

  8. ^Probably because they didn’t? Unless I’m missing something here…

  9. @denvatricky: HA I read his name and didn’t even notice. Nice call

  10. lol! Betsy is amazing!

  11. It’s a good thing Betsy didn’t see anyone playing Mafia Wars.

  12. Nana Betsy for the fuckin win.

  13. Christmas 153, eh? Gramma is OLD!

  14. Kalev is an idiot. Old people are tough and gamy. Everyone knows baby, or “longpig veal” as I call it, is the most tender meat.

  15. I wish Betsy were my grandma!!

  16. Word, Nana Betsy. Word.

  17. Hey, Mister Andrizzle. Check your blog. We have something in common 😉

  18. hahahaha grandma’s adventure….priceless!!!

  19. Aww I find the last one kinda sad (in the traditional sense of sad) as Grandma looks ill 🙁

    Betsy FTW!

  20. In my country we have a saying : you need an old bicycle to learn how to ride …

    Feel free to interpret this as you want

  21. Betsy has unknowingly described Facebook to a tee.

  22. Betsy rocks!

  23. A bit condescending isn’t she ?

  24. I guess you could see it like that Father Sha. I think she’s truly beweildered by the whole thing.

  25. Teeda , i understand her point but i remember too many conversations with the elderly (of age and or mind) about the online world and gaming and … Stuff they didn’t have and do not understand scares them

    I also do not see the point of farmville and whatever but the way she says i go read a book sounds a bit condescending to me , but that’s just my view on the world that interferes with my interpretation of her words.

  26. Yup I think we’d all agree Betsy is ftw… Then again, why are we all so quick to reply on these posts… Does that make us as bad as farmville addicts… I mean people who post on here all the time like soup, sensible madness, eenerbl and insert-name-here must be serial facebook squatters (not that I can talk)..

  27. I’m beginning to wonder if Kalas’ granny is the bisexual granny that still likes to party and play.

  28. Betsy is my hero.

  29. I didn’t even make the connection that Betsy was talking about farmville so just assumed that she had some really weird friends on FB. The sad thing is, after some of the strange things I’ve seen here, I didn’t think people trying to sell eggs/fish on FB was strange…

  30. Betsy has her language setting to ‘Pirate’.

  31. Is the “Pirate” setting the reason for “February” being spelled incorrectly?

  32. It is indeed! It’s pretty fun having ‘Pirate’ settings active – for about an hour. And in the cold light of sobriety I see it’s not Betsy’s settings that are showing. Doh…

  33. betsy FTW….
    jst found d gourmet king and distributed free oranges to all frenz 😛

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