Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sexy Singles

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  1. word, it’s a shame we live on different continents 🙁

  2. So true ee, but we both have vivid imaginations, and sometimes it’s all the talking about it that makes for fun later!

  3. Soup, eenerbl and wordpervert… I’m kind of in love with you three.

  4. Audible, are you a chick?

  5. lol! To vivid sometimes!

  6. Aww, Audible, are you horny too?

  7. Audible, there’s always room for one more.

  8. Affirmative on the female part, but let me clarify: I am in love with your horny nerdy-ness, and would much rather to continue to read it than to participate. Is that alright?

  9. Go for it.

  10. Fab!

  11. You guys want some Halloween Soup?

  12. I’ve never been described as nerd before, but I’ll take it as a compliment then.

  13. Halloween Soup? I think you may have lost me.

  14. It is!

  15. Sorry word, I am a nerd. 🙁 All those illusions shattered away huh?

  16. eenerbl

    My fabulous Halloween costume. I know you want more, but the wangtasticness that is my cock does not currently exist on the internet.

  17. Thanks Audible, I hear ya! And you’re a nerd in a very good way ee.

  18. Alright, I’ll have some Halloween Soup, especially since it’s the all I can get.

  19. Soup, every time you say cock, well, I just love that word, and I love the object even more.
    I’m alone right now, and it’s driving me a little sex crazy good sir!

  20. Oh my God! That’s amazing!

  21. The flannel tops it off!

  22. I love Halloween. Especially since it’s a time I can cock the cock and get some candy, cock the shit out of it, and have a beer to cock the whole night off.

  23. I do like my tradespeople on the kinky side.
    Good legs too.

  24. I’m a leg girl.

  25. I’m now sufficiently cocked up, I have to leave now and relieve myself, followed by an afternoon nap.

  26. Beyond tools in the tool belt, I had a Sarah McLachlan CD, a tampon, and the book Wicked. I like my costumes to be complete to the last detail.

  27. I think those shorts did it for me word!

    Anyways, I’m off. I have a book to read (nerd alert) and a glass of wine to finish.

    word, Soup. As always a pleasure!

  28. I’m spent, thank you to you both.

  29. Ha! I wore the bitches out. That’s a first.

  30. Aww Soup… I wish you wore me out. Alas, it’s after midnight for me, and I work a 9-5 job. I need sleep.(And I have to finish my glass of wine 🙂 and go to bed.)

  31. eenerbl , soup and word

    I love and hate you guys for making me read all your comments this early in the morning

    So now i am horny and annoyed and my secretary is giving me strange looks

    Should i jump her or make her suffer my wrath ?

  32. Jump her!

  33. “wangtasticness”. Yes. Yes, indeedy.

  34. …wow.

    Nice job, guys 😛

  35. le sigh….. lame.

  36. Maybe I should look at lamebook outside of work… hmmm. I miss all the good, late night conversations.

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