Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kony Take 2

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … The fuck?

  2. This is fake.

  3. who gives a fuck? Kony I blew up the kids is still funny

  4. Agreed. That one deserves a place on Stephen’s mantelpiece.

  5. christopherlovet

    No Kony 2: Electric Boogaloo?
    I am disappoint.

  6. So a black dictator dances with a bunch of black children? That’s relevant.

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    Terrible until the last one redeemed it.

  8. Don’t care hardcore

  9. The mantlepiece? oh no.
    Straight to the Pool Room.

  10. ^ Hahaha! I was gonna say that, but figured only the Aussies would pick up the reference.

  11. Is that because its one of those things only kids with autism or FAS get ? , referencing you two idiots above me.

  12. no. that’s not it.
    referencing the saddest man alive above me.

  13. Now you’re referencing irony.

  14. i get it, TTF. does that mean i have autism or FAS?
    *rolls up sleeves*

  15. no. that’s not it, either.
    your losing streak continues unabated.

  16. @flames.

  17. kony was a god guy, there are less starving kids in the world now

  18. Funny. Also, this is fake. T1000 has seen it a million times before.

  19. turtlehead, i know. and he was just the fall guy. it’s THE LORD’S liberation army. kony was just another poor dumb soldier following orders.

  20. Kondergarten Cop? And your other attempts suck gangrenous monkey balls, too, Stephen. I don’t wish death upon you, but choke on something for a bit, at the very least, you moronic knob.

  21. Yeah, choke on a moronic knob for awhile, Stephen. I hear he even shaved his balls for you.

  22. I’m ok with the death part.

  23. If everyone was actually funny instead of internet funny what would I do all day? ( and no I’m not flossing the cat one more fucking time do you hear me? )

  24. the Internet is full of dumcunts, I wouldn’t be online if it wasn’t for them.

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