Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Breast Bus

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  1. Too funny. I wonder how long this one will go on? It’s so much fun to watch!

  2. ^ It’s more fun to actually be involved in. 😉

    And SLG, I don’t have an excuse for checking back all day. And yes, I am standing for a cause. I’m not a breast-feeding mother. That was the whole point. Do you not even read my statements?

  3. I think the answers to my questions lead inevitably to further conclusions which I’m simply not going to bother pointing out. I’m surprised you even answered them, given they clearly lead in a certain direction.

  4. That I’m pathetic? Yes, I admit it. So are you. Don’t be a complete asshole please.

  5. No. You’ve missed the point, again. Sorry. I don’t think I can help you understand.
    With regard to your request, I wish to gleefully advise that it has been declined. Thank you for your interest in my personality.

  6. wo. wait – what?!
    you have a personality? since fucking when?

  7. you clearly don’t belong here.

  8. This isn’t fun anymore. You guys are catching on. I’ll start some more fun in later posts though, don’t you worry! Evilcow, out!

  9. loser.

  10. “Evilcow, out!” ok i’ll grant you, THAT was funny
    you should have your own radio show!

  11. you reckon she’d have a face good enough for radio?

  12. now you’re just being silly! as long as she works the whole tap, sploosh routine into her program somewhere, i’ll be content.
    i have more material, too, evilcow, but that’s all you’re getting for free.
    OK peeps…SLG, out!

  13. ^thank fuck.
    everyone hates you, you know.

  14. people that hate are weak. let them hate.

  15. hells yeah. it’s awesome.

  16. you’re taking your energy from the dark side of the force, msanne!! don’t you see!?
    before you know it you’ll be breathing funny in a big black outfit with a cape and force choking people and shit.
    wait…that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? you’re hoping to build up enough anger and hate to force choke the shit outta some peeps over the internet, right? i’m onto you!!
    you’re silly, though, msanne. that was just a movie, you know.

  17. i think your multi-paragraph rants are getting shorter?
    you’re still boring and still trying way too hard to be something you’re not (clever or witty).

    i know you think you’re accomplishing something here, and that is the only funny part of watching you implode.
    which must be bitter-sweet for you as you don’t even get to watch yourself twisting in the wind.

  18. really msanne? is that a request for me to lengthen my rants? cos…you know, i’m totally prepared to do that! muahahahahahahaha….
    am i boring you msanne? why you keep coming back then?? aww i think someone is telling fibs! it’s ok though i realise this is one of those boy-girl dynamics where you find me really cute and interesting and wanna get with me and express that by being an utter bitch.
    see…i’ve been around women before!
    i think i’ll wear you down soon though. i can see the fight going out of you. happens to people that don’t train enough cardio!

  19. lol I like how you guys were teamed up against me but once I left you started battling amongst yourselves.

  20. gosh i wouldn’t say we teamed up evilcow! it was more a case of “found common ground in a moronic argument”, i’d say!
    don’t worry, she’ll implode soon enough, and then you’ll only have one ‘nemesis’, evilcow!!
    msanne’s days are numbered, you see. she just doesn’t realise it yet.
    she will soon enough though! the fight is definitely going out of those eyes…

  21. you are one delusional motherfucker with delusions of grandeur that are, frankly, quite grotesque.
    considering how banal you are.

  22. why thank you msanne! that’s a really nice thing to say!
    oh! you said ‘banal’, not ‘anal’.
    how’s your blood pressure recently, msanne? you hittin’ that gin bottle a bit harder than usual? throat a bit sore from so many bongs? hair a bit frayed from too much crack?

  23. lol

  24. For the idiot who said they have a problem with breastfeeding because breadtrmilk can transmit AIDS. Think about what you said. If they had AIDS do you really think they would be breastfeeding?

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