Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Cheat Sheet

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  1. Mark talks like he’s never been young

  2. ^ I liked it though it woke me up

  3. That made me sad. Fuckin’ bitches.

  4. Haha, it’s funny ‘cos Clay’s mum is a slut.

  5. Oh Mark, did you even stop and think before commenting? Or did you just assume that your poor son had told everyone he knew that his mum has been getting some strange?

  6. You go, Clay’s mom! Show that bastard what happens if he can’t keep up with you!

  7. Another dazzling reason why old folks should just stay away from social networking…

  8. Wow…stever…you didn’t end with your traditional sign off?

    I agree with Anders – though I often wonder about the legitimacy of some of these. If that one is true, the father is an idiot. Not outside the realm of possibility – one only has to look as far as the content on this site and PeopleOfWalmart to see examples of great stupidity. Frightening actually.

  9. honors = boners , definitely NOT autospell’s fault. I think someone is looking for attention.

  10. That Stever with the long sign off is an imposter. I’ve never spelled my name with 20+ characters. And if you’re going to call “first” at least have some class about it.

  11. Ah. Sorry stever, hadn’t realized you were being “impostered”. 🙂

  12. @ belle: I think when you’ve written the word “boner” for many times, then the autospell would assume that your priority and change the word that you actually wrote. Or something like that. I wouldn’t know.

  13. He had probably tried to spell it “honers”. A few of the saps I graduated with made the same mistake.

  14. Hell, I graduated with about 80 boners. Everyone in my class was a giant dick.

  15. There is no possible way that honors could be changed to boners. I have nothing to do so I tested it on my ipod touch. Bonors=bonita, honers=homers, and honors stays as it is. So he sucks. And this is definitely fake… why wouldn’t he just delete his father’s comment if he didn’t want everyone to know?? Stupid. LAME.

  16. The H and B keys are right next to each other on the keyboard my friend. And it’s completely plausable that he was gonna spell honors wrong.

  17. Maybe Clay didn’t have to tell Justin about the divorce/cheating, maybe he had inside information – as in “inside Clay’s mom”.

  18. @ #14 ———-HAHAHAHAHAHA

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