Monday, January 31, 2011

All About Dad

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  1. Wow… so wrong O_O

  2. The first one, that is :L

  3. The first one gained a smirk.
    Incest is always funny….

  4. The first one was kinda funny. But it was also really gross.

  5. The first one…

  6. Gag

  7. Dad from #2 obviously not rolling in the VIP; all I see are $1’s and $5’s.

  8. The first one’s not gross..he’s saying since the best part of fighting is the make up sex, he hates fighting with his dad because there’s obviously not going to be any sex because it IS gross. So what’s the point of fighting?

    It’s a little messed up, but I don’t think it was intended to be that nasty.

  9. @Ditzydwarf: I love it how naive you are. Of course the first one was intended to be nasty. It’s an incest joke!

  10. Incest is best.

    Cant keep it in your pants, keep it in the family

  11. Is the observed action the moral imperative? Or does the morality stem from the cognition behind the action?


  13. Hey, incest is part of what helped make Precious suuuuch a great movie.

  14. 1. Is Ben the son of Imamofo or Soup? Hmmm, I wonder
    2. Shine on you crazy sonofabitch with your oh so original baby with cash photo.
    3. Meh (cubed)

    So where are mofo and curlybap? Have they gone to the ‘dark side’? I think we should be told.

  15. Hi Paranoid, I’m still here. It’s all just been a bit “meh” around here the last few days so not much to say!

    MissBuzzkill – see #8. You’ve got competition.

  16. I agree with Jessica: The best part of sex is the fighting.

    I also agree with Ben: I hate my dad.

  17. The first one was a joke for petes sake! Do you really think he actually meant that when he has an argument with his Dad, they then have sex? Ye Gods some of you guys take things too seriously.I like the first one, but the other too were pants.

  18. Paranoid, mofo is stuck in purgatory, aka As My Junk. He’s been “banned” from Lamebook for some reason. He’s apparently contacted them, but is yet to get a reply. What has the bastard done, is what I want to know. The dude has been serving up the same stuff in slightly different ways for as long as I can remember, so what is the deal?

  19. Sort it the fuck out lamebook, I need my daily dose of perversion from the mofo.

  20. word, if i had my way mofo would have been given a leave of absence a long time ago. i’m as big a fan of his granny-fucking repertoire as anyone, but he seriously needs some new material, not to mention quality control. i’m sure the ban will give him a chances to refresh his creative instincts, and he will come back more depraved than ever before.

  21. this is the perfect chance for iamamofo to start up his own site,, which consists of him ranting non-stop about dicks and assfucking while calling everyone gay

  22. vincent, I agree some of his stuff needs reinvigorating, but to ban the dude? That’s a little extreme. He gets it right sometimes, which is more than what can be said for some.

    In the meantime, he can make As My Junk his very own.

  23. If I were him I wouldn’t start a site called Lamebook would probably sue him for it.

  24. Really? Another money-baby?
    But the first one’s funny

    Lamebook is a dick. I enjoyed perversion too. My deviancy was still only in its infancy though.
    And I was trying to steer clear of Ask My Junk

  25. I miss Dan Fargis.

  26. Make up sex? You have a fight and then go and shag Max Factor?

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