Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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  1. Sarah and Daniel, you both were the idiots who didn’t just stop at the local pharmacy the next morning, and drop the 50 bucks for a tab of Plan B.

  2. I imagine Sarah and Daniel planned their kid, and are just fucking around.

  3. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Either that or she’s not pregnant at all. But yeah, either way they’re clearly just joking around.

  4. Can’t most pregnancy tests give a false positive a certain amount of time after it’s used?

  5. Yeah sometimes. Sometimes the baby comes out dead. That’s an example of when a preggers test can be wrong

  6. “…a certain amount of time after it’s used”

    After what’s used? How long do you think pregnancy tests are kept for, following their use? And no, pregnancy tests can give false negatives, but not usually false positives (unless you spontaneously abort, which is very common in the first trimester).

  7. ^ I’m sad that I elude your attention… 🙁

  8. But you called it a “baby”. Isn’t it a foetus in the first trimester and therefore ethically acceptable to terminate?

  9. Children should be ethically acceptable to terminate up to the 24th trimester.

  10. …learning so much here…whoever would have thought lamebook would be such a great source of information?
    this is awesome

  11. There are not enough people around nowadays. Lets get some more pregnant.

  12. Maybe… just MAYBE… our current electronics will be so obsolete in five hundred years that no one will be able to see what utter morons we were. Then again, even if it’s not obsolete, perhaps by then the morons will have reached a new and more incredible level of idiocracy and they wouldn’t know how to turn on whatever a computer is anyway. Let us all pray for that.

  13. yeah sure. because praying never fucking fails anyone. does it, dipshit?

  14. That was tongue in cheek, MsErable. You know what? I think you should get over your obsession with me. I know I am fascinating, but really, your flattery will just make my head bigger than it already is.

  15. You all are stupid if you think this is real. It’s so obviously faked. It’s just a lame guy on two accounts talking to himself to make it look like he got some to his friends.

  16. ^ nobody cares, sounders, nobody cares…

  17. jesus teeko, get the fuck over yourself.
    I’m hardly obsessed with you. I just want you to get cancer and die so that we can be spared any more of your absurdly-unwarranted hyper-egotistical bullshit.
    you suck teeko. you’re like flamsie’s half-sister.

  18. Yeah. God teeko. Build a bridge …… and….. GET over it….

  19. ^WTF?
    The only way that stupid cunt should ‘get over’ a bridge is to throw its fat self off the side.

  20. Sarah and Daniel sure know how to work that dirty talk.

  21. Supposedly, a false positive can happen if the dye from the line bleeds. How long do I think pregnancy tests are kept for after their use? Depends on the individual. Some people have wrapped the test as a present in order to reveal their pregnancy. Maybe they keep it to show their significant other later? It can be found in the garbage can, like that sad plot about 75% of t.v. shows have used.

  22. That’s a horrible fucking idea for a gift…total buzzkill..

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