Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FB the Right Way!

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  1. Bring_back_fingering

    I’m exactly the same with my stable of bitches. Currently I’m keeping it exclusively at 3 members though – Lefty, Righty, and Henry the Hoover

  2. This is actually exactly how one should deal with facebook friends. Who really has more than 10 people that are truly interesting? I´m contemplating this healthy method myself right now…

  3. That sounds nice. I have like 400 friends but most of them are blocked. I don’t understand how the people with 1000 friends manage.

  4. I hate it when people type “haha.” It’s so awkward.

  5. I like haha better than lol.

  6. I dig the Spanish version: jajaja

  7. I prefer “heh”.


  8. Hihi is more catchy. Especially prolonged. Hihihihih…

  9. No that is not more fucking catchy, hence the reason noone says fucking hihihi. Gimp. Heh.
    I too prefer “heh”. It gives a sense of getting one up on the cunt you’re trying to prove a point to.

  10. I feel bad for this kid. I’m pretty sure he/she used to be Facebook friends with his/her Dad, but was deemed the least desirable friend after only a week.

    Chin up, tuppence. Someone will love you someday.

    Oh, and the e-laughter one chooses depends upon context and content of the conversation. Heh, hah and hahaha are all acceptable. Hihihihih is just fucking weird.

  11. why can’t people use FB any way they want? isn’t that the point?
    as for this lively “debate” on e-laughing styles, surely, as long as you carry the message that “i’m LOLZING now”, all is well?
    fucking laughter nazi’s…

  12. What part of the English language suggests the need for an apostrophe between the word ‘nazi’ and its pluralising ‘s’.

    I really hate spelling retards.

  13. why didn’t you pick up on the fact that i didn’t use capitalisation at the start of a sentence. did i spell LOL right, too? pretty sure that’s not sposed to be spelt with a Z!
    i’m MURDERING your language, peter. how does that feel?
    in summary –
    I really hate spelling/grammar nazi’s.
    HAH! I did it again!
    What now, bitch?

  14. Guy just wants to….uh….I have no clue really

  15. /scans horizon desperately for signs of apocalypse….

  16. ^ i have that effect on women

  17. Peter, if you don’t like spelling retards, then spell a different word, like mentally challenged or something.


  18. it appears peter has left, before I could ask him what part of the english language suggests that you end a sentence that is a question without ending that sentence with a question mark. perhaps peter realised the fragility of his position early on.

  19. eh…hehe…lol…giggity giggity! All this laughing is getting me wet, fuckin’ leaky faucet…

  20. Bring back fingering ? Add a fourth member… Try fucking the inside of your thighs. I’d suggest lube. And some lower back stretches.

  21. it appears peter is in a different time zone and decided to go to bed.

    I’m not fussed about question marks or capital letters or LOLZ or anything else which is point out above, so come down to my office, suck my cock and sue me.

    All I’m saying is I hate people who dont” know we’re to stick an apos’trophy.

    Also, just breifly, punctuation isn’t grammar. Also, if I was relaly a spelling/grammar nazi I would be round your hosue with my cock in your sisters and you’d be taking a shower without any water fairly soon. I guess that’s not happenind, so I guess I’m not one.

    @17 How’s this: Total fuckwit. (at spelling).

  22. ^ hoo we got a live one!
    All I’m saying is it’s not only out of place, but in the light of your own grammatical error, more than a little hypocritical, to seek to correct someone on a lamebook comments thread.
    Isn’t it?

  23. it appears peter has left again!
    is peter –
    a) pulling his penis powerfully
    b) fallen asleep again
    c) trying to figure out a witty “riposte”
    d) simply a fuckwit with nothing further to say
    find out, in the next episode, of lamebook

  24. I am sorry to be failing in my duty to sit on lamebook all day every day. I sincerely apologise and will try to do better in future.

    At what point did I attempt to correct you? I was simply asking a question (albeit without a question mark) and stating that I hate people like you, which is my prerogative.
    Isn’t it?

    a) brilliant.
    b) unlikely, maybe just, idk, living.
    c) not necessary,
    d) nice original vocabulary, like the use of fuckwit.

    also, the commas in your last sentence are totally misplaced. I’m just saying.

  25. Please may I have your permission to “leave” the imaginary lamebook room to go to the toilet?

  26. ^ NO! Now get back to the padded “bench” and bend over and grab those handles.

  27. that’s great pete, thanks for clarifying your point of view.
    i hate dickheads that get on these comments threads and try to get all serious and try to pull other people up over petty shit, like spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
    in my view, you are just such a dickhead. or…fuckwit, since you seem to like that word. the fact that you continue to do it simply reinforces my view.
    the fact that you make some fairly misplaced, uncalled for and nasty suggestions about raping women in my family etc, reinforces this view even further.
    does that clarify my point of view?
    and no…if you’re going to start a fight, i expect you to stick around long enough for me to knock you the fuck out, not spend an inordinate amount of time formulating a response, before coming back with more corrections. what. a. tool.
    people that hate are weak. you fucking weakling. i don’t hate you, i just think you’re a tool.

  28. oh and to answer your original question, the part of the english language that told me that is the part that says “you don’t have to spell or punctuate or even use grammar correctly on a lamebook comments thread, and surely, anyone who would even try to pull you up on something like that must be a huge tool, right?”
    I’m pretty sure that’s on page 681. Look it up.

  29. hey SLuGger? you missed pete’s sarcasm. in fact you missed it by a country fucking mile.

  30. really? explain it to me, msanne. i dispute and argue your version of reality most ferociously, and choose to replace it with my own, you should know, at the outset of this discussion. i think that might be a way of saying, fuck you, i’m not interested in your input at this stage. i’m not sure!
    i think that peter should set up a separate website, where he and his friends can take comments and rate them on their spelling and grammar and punctuation, and laugh sarcastically about it and shit, and threaten to rape each others sisters.
    He could call it PeterPipersPerfectPunctuationPalace. I’ll even sell him the rights to that website name on the cheap, as I thought this was such a clever and good idea that I reserved all intellectual property rights on this, worldwide, just this morning. Only cost me $186,432. A fucking bargain, I tell you.

  31. *kicks at ground forlornly, with a frustrated look on face*
    peter’s BORING, he takes so long to get back to me

  32. *looks up hopefully*
    how ’bout you msanne…you need an…opponent…right? a nemesis? we did agree to a fight on another thread that didn’t happen because some sort of horrid misunderstanding that had me a little nauseous.
    what about now?

  33. dude. you’re so needy. it’s a bit of a fucking turn-off.

  34. tldr. please send summary.

    Just to clarify to anyone else reading, I did not threaten to rape his family. No way I would go there, I mean, I’m sure the sex in his little sister’s tight ass would be great, but the emotional package that comes with it is likely, based on the above evidence, to be too great to jusitify not just getting a cheap whore. And the brother-in-law seems like a douche…

  35. hang on, wait…are you still being sarcastic – or…?

    (the transition was seamless)

  36. it appears SLAGfacedickwad, or whatever its name it has left. That means automaticaly he’s a faggot and I get to be King of the Lamebook page for a whole 20 minutes.

    This will define my life.

    (That is, until something more significant comes along, like the death of Henri Brisson, a relatively unknown French politician, the same night that the RMS Titanic Sank killing thousands of people, or the death of Hiram Johnson, a equally unknown former American Senator on the same day Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic bomb.)

  37. On a fine sunny day, in Reykjavik, Iceland, I was walking along a street, looking devastatingly handsome, as always. I saw a group of teenage boys, laughing and joking amongst themselves. Suddenly, they came across a fresh dogturd, it was just sitting there on the path, steaming. This is unusal for Reykjavik, there’s nearly a complete ban on dogs, you see, so the people are relatively inexperienced in dealing with such problems. Well, the look of outrage on one of the young men’s face was terrible to behold. He saw that dogturd and just lost his shit, if you’ll pardon the pun. In an effort to stamp it out of existence, he stomped mightily on that turd, sending pieces of wet dogshit flying everywhere, with a look of utter rage on his face. Quite a bit of it got on his friends too, and whilst they were looking at him, annoyed, he was looking at his shoe, clearly wondering how he was now going to remove the shit. What’s more, he wasn’t even successful in getting rid of the shit, and in his eagerness to stamp it out of existence, had merely created a smear of shit instead. They all did the best they could to clean it off on the nearby curb, before continuing on, with the vague stench of dogshit wafting behind them.
    In hindsight, I realise that in this comments thread, I may have been that young man. Sorry if I got shit on any of the rest of you…really, I am!! I’ve got it on my shoes too! and the smell is just terrible!!
    *goes off in search of Msanne’s toothbrush*

  38. you talk shit, boy.

  39. Nononono. You’ve interpreted wrong… I’m the man. You’re the shit that needs to be stamped out. Fortunately, I’m smart enough to wear some protective overalls and shoe covers, which I always carry around with me, because little shits are getting more and more and more prolfic everyday, and there is much stamping out to be done. And when I’m done stamping, I take off the overalls, and put them in your mouth.

    Nice story.

  40. thanks mate, i aim to please

  41. ^no you don’t.

  42. haha you got me msanne! you’re right, i don’t

  43. i’m always right.
    just like you’re always a loser.
    ask sydni. she agrees with you and she’s a MASSIVE loser.

  44. wow…back to this one? really?
    gee wiz, msanne. get a life dude!

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