Monday, April 30, 2012

Staying on Trac

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  1. first? me?!?

  2. stupid Dr.Phil sexting is not a word lol.

  3. Incorrect. This is fake.

  4. Why is EVERYTHING fake?

  5. ReallyWow44, you are fake. Be quiet.

  6. Flashed programming language doesn’t change no matter how hard you hit your phone. Fake.

  7. i’m sexting my grandma right now

  8. I hate Grandma… she never replies to my cock and balls sextext.

  9. Top tip: Most modern phones are both expensive and fragile. Despite advances in mobile phone casing development with Apple’s introduction of aluminosilicate or ‘Gorilla’ glass, humans are unfortunately still a clumsy species, apt to drop valuable commodities at a moments whim.

    Protect your screens with a gel or rubber protective cover / case, readily available at most high street stores.

  10. No way Matt. You know what you are doing.

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