Monday, April 30, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. #1 real
    #2 fake
    #3 real

  2. Who cares what you think is “real” and what is “fake”?

  3. 1. Fake.
    2. Fake.
    3. Fake.

  4. Who cares about lamebook enough to post comments.

  5. ^ you

  6. “Dear friends”?… Your not kidding anyone Yaakov

  7. Nice cut and paste job there Yaakov.. or is it Jake??

    Zim’s joke is funnier when told in the first person.

  8. Oh, come on, frankenstein. You’d go by “Jake” if your real name was Yaakov.

    Whereas I would tell people that the Y in my name was pronounced as an F. Faakov Aasol.

  9. why can’t cheryl go buy some new batteries?

    the other 2 are obviously phony

  10. I wish I could change my relationship status to “Wife Dead”… Oh wait.

  11. Zim’s anecdote does not account for several other, more immediately noticeable difference between the male and female genders such as; the females propensity for ceaseless and sanctimonious nagging and the males greater mastery of negotiation and higher frequency of masturbation.

    Assuming that Zim’s friend is Bi-Sexual, then his statement is more matter of fact than anecdotal. To coin a recently popular internet meme – “Doesn’t matter, had sex”.

  12. I still laughed at the 1st and 3rd.

  13. Yaakov has no taste.

    Who doesn’t want to see a movie where tom cruise get cracked in the head several times?!

  14. ^i’ll wait for the gifs.

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