Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Showin’ Some Skin…

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  1. Yay Michael! Any review should include boobs.

  2. Kevin is a little bitch.

  3. Hey I was first. Ben. Frodo. Fuck Steever.

  4. Meghan, I’ll provide some condolences. Unless you are reprehensibly overweight/unattractive/annoying. I’ll leave out excessively emotional, no luck on that one I see.

  5. “my… wallet is empty without you” Ever thought of applying for a job, Meg, because your tits don’t seem to be moneymakers?

  6. Her wallet is empty without him?

    So, she is having to spend money to buy her own things?

    Come back to me!!! I am running out of money!

  7. “stop sending me naked pics” — not a phrase you’d expect to hear all too often.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I guess he has cum all over her body so many times that he doesn’t need pictures to remember.

  9. I like that she’s not a hypocrit, though.
    She’s quite clear about the money.

  10. The King’s Speech was freaking awesome though. It conquered the BAFTAs, next step Oscars.

  11. Megan, please forward all nudie pics to me.

  12. She stole her status from a “Hawthorne Heights” album’s song lyrics. I heard the song when my gay brother said it was how he explained his feelings twoards first gay love. Her post and photo are therefore fake in my internet opinion. If anybody is curious as to the song title it’s “My Heart is in Ohio”, but being the moody tweenage emo band they are, I suggest their music to nobody.

  13. it’s actually called “Ohio is For Lovers.”
    i used to like HH once upon a time..
    god i wish i could forget that part of my life.

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