Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vday Wrap Up!

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  1. That romantic valentine’s picnic for two is for an achievement, leave the man alone!

  2. lamebook, I fucking love you like an autistic brother, you know basically all you get is unfunny shite repeated in various forms but sometimes you strike upon comedy gold. Today is not one of those days.


  3. Paranoid, I’m with you. Really thought we’d have some gems over Valentines, but no such luck.

  4. There is at least the irony of someone spelling retarded wrong. And at least I have one more thing to take the piss out of yanks for (The groundhog day one)

  5. ^ something for which to take the piss out of the yanks.

  6. Something like urinary catheterization?

  7. Kinky spru.

  8. We don’t really “celebrate” groundhog’s day. I mean, who buys presents for that?

  9. I don’t buy presents, MsBuzz, but I do handcraft groundhog-fur wraps for all my friends. It’s easy to pick off the groundhogs one by one when they pop their heads out if you have good aim.

  10. How much money do we have on “Brianna is single, fat, and bitter?” I throw in a 50$

  11. well im married, fat and bitter and i still think valentines day is stupid, but i thought it was equally as stupid when i was single, skinny and bitter :p

  12. He’s an idiot… Anyone with half a brain knows St. Valentine’s isn’t a holiday… It’s an *observance* (so is Groundhog Day). Just sayin’

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