Monday, February 14, 2011

More VD!

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  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  3. SO DOES YOUR MOM!!!11!1

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Not you, you fucking fuck. The puns just sucked out whatever meager enjoyment I got out of the other posts.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Also it’s “SOLE” not Soul you fucken cretin, get your stupidity correct.

  6. Coincidence that when I look at that post I keep seeing Asstrid instead of Astrid? I think not.

  7. Dang it, Dukey beats me again.

  8. I’m guessing Chris thinks Feta is a fish.

  9. WTF are graham and josie talking about? I am not capitalizing their names…

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Josie is referring to my catchphrase “Fuck monogamy”

    Graham is trying to one up her by being a ‘mofo’

    And Dukey is being a Wallace

  11. So graham likes to put his penis in blenders? That doesn’t sound good…

  12. Am I the only one that thinks the poem is awesome? And will you men tell me if you really do stick your schlongs in our blenders? ‘Cause if so, I need to rethink my menu.

  13. Fuckhead Graham is proof positive that a lot of you guys will stick your knob into just about anything.

  14. Um, Smoothies? you have a blender to make smoothies.

    and milkshakes.

  15. #13 So there might be hope for you after all….

  16. Personally I ream out all of my kitchen appliances on a regular basis.

    I’ve fucked my kettle, banged my toaster, hammered my microwave and my cooker even has a bun in the oven.

  17. historyprof, OBVIOUSLY they moved on from the oceanic puns. GRECIAN cuisine is known for its use of FETA CHEESE. Go back to school, and earn a real PHD.

  18. “Women are like blenders” – Good for putting something solid in to produce a viscous gloop. That and cutting vegetables.

  19. Women are like blenders – Their nice and shiny when their new, but after a couple of uses their all fucked up internally.

    Women are like blenders – At first their sleek and silent, use them a couple of times though and they end up sounding like a coughing horse kicking a badger, the naggy little slit pissers.

  20. Woman are not like blenders. Blenders are like food processors for drinks.

    Woman are like men with long hair, tatas and a nunu, and beautiful, not ugly like men. But some woman are just like a man but with a nunu. A woman has to have a nunu. A man doesn’t have one. That’s the big difference.

  21. Some men have tatas. Some woman don’t.

  22. You know what I mean.

  23. Most woman have nice hips. But men have men hips. I like woman hips. The most important thing to make a woman hot is hip proportions. More important than fatness. If a woman is good everything else but hips straight I don’t like her. And woman have to have a nunu. If she don’t have one she is not a woman. Maybe she can be a Thai man.

  24. Almighty close to breaking out the Wallace alarm there georgy-boy.

  25. Sorry. I forgot say “just sayin” that means I can say anything without that ho rahwun or whatever her name was hatin on me.

    Just sayin.

  26. Ode to a woman, huh?

    I definitely need a new blender, too.

  27. #25 wurde Dich gerne mahl zackig die Rozette ausrotten.

  28. Just sayin

  29. Cierra el hocico, pendejo.

  30. Tal vez usted podría aprender a hablar alemán? Burro hijo de puta

  31. nunus? wtf man. women are like used car that’s a lemon. they’re good for a couple of months, but then the relationship becomes sour and costs too much money to fix so you just toss ’em aside and get a new one.

  32. Astrid,
    Don’t forget that
    one man’s fish is another man’s poisson.

  33. I have never once looked at a blender and thought “been around a while… maybe I should fuck it.” I think my man-card is safe on this one.

  34. @stomabeutel where your “alemán” is pretty crappy to say the least, so i don’t think you should be criticising geaorge420.

  35. Women are like cars…they are a lot of money and hassle but most everyone needs one

  36. So is his Spanish.

  37. @rokara

    I’m pretty sure he knows not only what feta is, but also that it’s used in Grecian cooking. His point being that her pun was both “French” AND oceanic, considering “poisson” is French FOR fish.

    Know what you are talking about before you correct someone else.

  38. #15, eat my vomit in hell, prick.

  39. #38 promise you won’t eat pork or mix anything dairy with meat before vomiting, I might just give it a try. Never say no to a free meal.

  40. @ MrsNamorMcKenzie If you read his post, he mentioned Feta specifically, not Poisson (which, because I know only English, did not know that it was French for Fish, so I do thank you for that lesson)

  41. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    georgev420 makes a lot of valid points.

  42. Yeah, meaning that HE deviated from the fish pun, but he was the only one. She had not, he probably thought she did just as you did. Hence why historyprof made that joke.

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