Friday, October 15, 2010

A Few Friday PhoDOHs

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  1. ok, sorry. make that “mad2physicist, qualified philosopher, of lamebook, furnet AND real life”.

    My personal favorite part of this hole thread lol

    P.S. Mad2 I understand you’re tattoo has personal significance(?) but I just feel like you should make it a bit better… Not to be rude or anything!

    But just add some more detail to the animals… make it more life like. That way in 15 years the kids you teach wont look at you and ask if you’re daughter drew it on with a crayon 😛

    Again it might be a personal tattoo that you designed and are in love with it, that is fine! I know I came close to having a manga drawing I made in high school tattooed on me(wich would have been a terrible mistake now).

    Tootles you horny lamers!

  2. vincent and mad2 are frodo. Can anybody point me too any recent interesting/entertaining comments discussions?

  3. @Walter Sadly, there most likely won’t be any until new stuff is posted, hopefully later today since the weekend is gone.

    I like Frodo…only because he lets me swim around in his pool. Goof exercise, you know. Also helps build up lung capacity.

  4. Bucket, it is a deliberate minimalist style on the animals. I didn’t draw the animals btw.
    Keona, I agree; I don’t consider myself goth, or anything else, I just wear what I like. Also maybe you can convince my wife not to wear make-up, I have been trying to convince her women shouldn’t wear makeup for some time. But fingerless gloves and wristbands just look good.
    Now when people say ‘Frodo’ do they mean the Ring Bearer? Or some guy from LB posts?

  5. As to collar necklaces on girls, I should add.

  6. Good** Goof exercise? the hell is wrong with me.

  7. I thought in this instance Goof exercise woulda been a more appropriate term

  8. Even if the spelling on that tattoo was perfect it would still be awful.

  9. I think Elizabeth hit the nail on the head with that one

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