Friday, October 15, 2010

The Too Much Information Age

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Fuckin a, animal.

  2. Oh no, I hope Dukey isn’t secretly Kizoka.

  3. fucking a, duke.

    fucking a, mad.

    these girls are all mad
    natural selection is
    is fucking with us.

  4. Why didn’t LB blur Cassey’s double chin?

  5. I’m so proud that I made the same joke Dukey just made back on the Kizoka post. YAY!

    Anyway, I hate Kaggie because I know how that girl must feel (wanting peace and quiet?)… I hate using the bathroom while I know someone can hear me, it’s my one obsessive “thing”.

  6. I’m trying to figure out why someone would WANT to hear someone poop.

  7. Whenever I crap in a public bathroom, I loudly announce “Captain’s log” before the first one drops.

    If there are any stragglers, I add “supplemental”

  8. I feel like the funniest thing in here is the name Kaggie. Wtf is that shit?

  9. There once was a girl in a stall
    Not wanting to be heard at all
    So she clenched her butt cheeks
    To stop anal leaks
    But nature completed its call

    I would have done a haiku but limericks are more fun

  10. Fucking a mad? But I didn’t feel anything!

    I agree with Llama. When I am in the bathroom I don’t want there to be any contact with the outside world whatsoever.

  11. hpcan is ryhming about being on the can. Nicely done.

  12. Sausage & biscuits followed by more saugage, now thats what I call a late night binge!

    Kaggie can come on over an hear me poop anytime if that’s what floats her boat.

    Kathleen – multitasking doesn’t always buy you time. Next time think it through.

  13. Lame; Kathleen’s is from

  14. @hpcan, since you did a limerick, here is a quick haiku for you off the top of my head

    girl that has to crap,
    don’t want to make too much noise,
    good everyone’s gone

  15. hope i did that right cuz i haven’t done a haiku in years!

  16. @ Comments, so we can laugh at her, of course. Everyone loves fat jokes, especially when they blatantly eat so unhealthy. I’m surprised she has a dick around willing to be sucked by her. Perhaps the chin acts like a frogs throat sac, she can pop it in there and rub it around as she vibrates her love songs..

    Kaggie… deuces are wild. -_-v

    @sparkling, you’re right, it is from =(

  17. if only the first one was actually a hot chick and not a whale it would be better. I guess we can thank lamebook for not censoring the extra chins though, it gave me a better idea of what type of broad was posting it. I guess she wanted some cream to go with her breakfast?

  18. Cassey’s chin looks like Peter Griffin’s, i.e. like balls.

  19. Now I imagine her voice to mimic his…quite horrifying.

    Hehehehehehehe…hey Lois.

  20. Speaking of FG, I imagine Quagmire would be willing to be sucked off by her.

  21. these are all stupid and gross

  22. Quagmire can fuck anything and fix any uglies with a simple use of a paper bag, and some giggities.

  23. After 30 minutes, I’m guessing Kathleen is no longer a fan of roughage.

  24. Made a Chili dog, though, not the kind that Cassey, Kaggie, and Kathleen undoubtedly want.

  25. That is the slut question of the day, huh?! Go back to bed or eat a dick? I only say to go back to bed ’cause sucking on the penis usually leads to intercourse which leads to ignorant sluts having babies. Eat your breakfast and take a nap girl.

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