Friday, October 15, 2010

Under a Spell

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  1. Keona
    Wouldn’t watching me and Dukey go at it go against your “lack of outside lust” agreement you have with your boy?

  2. Agreement? I only said to him that I could understand. But in all those posts, I also said that I still lust and such. He knows about it, and accepts it. He doesn’t completely like it, but we don’t have round and round fights about it. No fights at all, actually. We’re both aware no that no one is perfect, in the religious sense that God or whatever deity you happen to worship is.

    In short: no, no it wouldn’t. All lamebook comments are, when they veer off the LB posts themselves, are a bunch of jokes and innuendos. No harm done. It’s not as if I’m out trolloping around.

    Now, go do your thing while I record.

  3. Dukey, you heard the girl. Bend over.

  4. Wah psh! Rawhide.

  5. hahaha where do I fit in to all this?

  6. You’re the bewb lady. So get ’em out.

  7. I thought loma was the threesome lady, not the boob lady.
    Keona, you do realize there’s a difference between thinking someone is attractive, and proper lusting (deriving titillating pleasure therefrom)? I don’t know to which you were referring.
    Your bf would be much better off if you could convince him that sexual openness doesn’t imply emotional infidelity.

  8. My ADHD coupled with a high sex drive makes my thoughts of “oh, that person it attractive” switch pretty quickly to “I’d like to.. to them.” I guess I can’t really save face by saying that I want to throw my boyfriend into the mix. He understands that,ESPECIALLY someone with a hyper mind, can’t control thoughts or feelings. His common used phrase is: “I understand and accept it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it/ or not be hurt by it.”

    I agree, he would be better off that way. Maybe one day I will break him. One day I will come on here, and tell you all of our sex shenanigans. I have confidence in that.

  9. Although Miss Cat’s translation was indeed excellent, I believe I may have a correction, if not just a different explanation. She may have meant, in the last two collections of letters ended with periods, “I have never been a prostitute or otherwise promiscuous. Now all the females I addressed in this post can spread my wise words to other females and let them know of what I am capable.” Although clearly Tashanda’s way takes up much less space, of which she is a complete waste.

  10. how is it that people are soooooooooo effing dumb, srsly?

  11. spreading the good word cuz I love this –

  12. Embarrassing type-o’s…. Add to this list:

  13. Translation Time: Operation Tashanda

    “I find it terribly amusing that these women have ceased communication and revoked my access to their private information. This is of no concern of mine. However, I would like to impress upon them one piece of advice. When our paths cross again, do not bother speaking to me. Do not portray yourself to be of the same lineage, or even as a causal acquaintance of mine. The reasoning for this is that I do not associate with ladies of the evening. I would also ask that you not speak of my affairs to others. I feel that personal visit to you would be warranted, should I find that my prudent reputation being tarnished. Now, you can rum and tell that, rum and tell that, rum and tell that, home, home, homeboy.”


  14. Is it bad that when I read “all timers” I immediately thought of characters from Stephen King’s book Insomnia (or The Dark Tower)?

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