Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spellcheck Yo’Self

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  1. You didn’t know God was sensitive, Josh?

    “…for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;”

    -Exodus 20:5

  2. don’t believe everything you read, beatus. especially, one must consider the source. Has it been appropriately peer-reviewed?
    the list of references at the back of the bible is pretty fucking sparse at best.

  3. Tyler needs to cut back on the ‘roids.

  4. Manda: *because

  5. rubert: or *’cause

  6. Or…Tyler just doesn’t like being spoken to in condescending tones by a little bitch that gets his kicks from correcting grammar.
    And it’s a good lesson; Don’t smart mouth someone who is confident in kicking seven shades of shit out of you.

  7. Spelling. He was correcting spelling. Kind of like you did to me on incredibly. Kind of.

  8. I frequently smart mouth whomever I damn well please, crusto.
    And I’m still full of all my shades of shit.
    suck it.

  9. ^ Well, yeah ‘cos… i’m not worried about you being able to kick seven shades of shit out of me, so…?
    What I am worried about is you being so butt hurt from something I said…when? that you have a little melt down.

  10. ‘cos you’re rock ‘ard Msanne!

  11. and #9 was meant for rightbrain

  12. I’ve always had an eye for detail and hypocrites who go full pussy when corrected on their spelling/grammar then turn around and do it to someone else. Not worried about me beating you up? Gosh, you’re a brave little toaster.

  13. it’s pretty easy to be brave when you live in the antipodes.

  14. ..of the earth.

  15. Stupid cunt I’ll stamp on your head.

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