Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spellcheck Yo’Self!

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  1. jello?

  2. Autocorrect knows who you are…tee hee…

  3. Ah… jello shit. It’s been a while

  4. Okay, Eric’s is kind of funny, but is “tard” really an autocorrect option? I think he just did it on purpose to call Tara a tard, which, hey, sometimes you gotta do.

    As for Teresa, I’ve tried running in a thong and it sucks. Maybe I should have prayed about it.

  5. absbabs, are you English? In America we call “Jell-O” (name brand) what you call “jelly.” It’s the gelatin dessert, you know?

  6. lametothemin, it is if she uses it regularly and added it to her dictionary.

  7. Ah, thanks. My phone only autochanges stuff with apostrophes (like I can type “theyre” and it’ll put the apostrophe in). Otherwise, if it thinks I’ve misspelled something, it’ll put a line under it and give me options if I click on it…so what I’m saying is I don’t know much about autocorrect. Great story, I know.

  8. lametothemin – blackberry?

    I have a blackberry torch that has a similar sounding autocorrect feature. I like it.

  9. Blackberry!

  10. Her mom let ME fist her…ask nicer next time.

  11. How do you screw up “visit” so much that it becomes “fist”? I think she meant to put fist…or at least was thinking about fisting her during her visit. Probably why mom said no to the visit…

  12. @whatthecrap:
    I think, on an android, if you type “vist” and forget that second ‘i’ it might get autocorrected to fist. Just a thought.

  13. My mother didn’t let me fist her either, thank god we had a poodle.

  14. Fisting your mother!?!?! That’s just disgusting!!!!!

    A five finger tunnel rustle is about the furthest up Mummys’ spunk box that I went.

  15. #5 i am aware what jell-o is. Sadly, my mind read Jell-o shot, not shit. Rebmeemr taht sudty tehy did wehn you can sitll raed the snentence eevn if olny the frsit and lsat ltetr rmeinas in the croerct psotiion, it works yo.

  16. I’m pretty sure Eric did that on purpose too. As well as lametothemin’s very valid point, it doesn’t say “via facebook mobile” or “via iphone” under either of his posts. Unless he has a magical autocorrecting computer. And don’t try to pull that “maybe he uses spellcheck” bullshit on me either, people. I enabled spellcheck just to see for sure if it would change “tara” to “tard”. As I’m sure you can guess, no luck.

  17. Patti makes me want to cry.

  18. I read Jell-o sh*t as Jell-0 shot and I thought the joke was that she was consuming alcohol with her father. I was about to say, “What’s the big deal? I’ve done that.” I didn’t realize it said sh*t until Absbabs comment.

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