Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just, WoW…

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  1. I’m glad it “resembles” the day you met.

  2. I don’t get the fact, is it just that the idea of people getting together online is supposed to make us laugh at how pathetic they are?

    If so, I guess I’ll just stick with the Charlie Sheen jokes, ta very much.

  3. *don’t get the joke

  4. Getting together online is one thing Hobo.

    Getting Tattoo’s to represent you’re online characters in WoW is a hole other level of pathetic.

  5. I think its cute, the sentiment anyway.
    Geeks need love too guys and I think it’s pathetic laying into them just because they met on-line. If they’re happy what difference does it make to anyone else?

  6. I agree with #5 🙂 I think the whole thing is really cute and sweet.

  7. What if they don’t work out? What would he tell people about that tattoo? Would he regret it? So many questions!

  8. Nobody actually made fun of them for meeting online, did they? I don’t care that they met online. I just think they’re corny as hell. If they met at a bowling alley and got tattoos of balls and pins and talked about how balls and pins are made for each other I’d think that was corny too. But hey, at least they spelled everything right. I’m sure they’re working on that punctuation situation.

  9. I met my girlfriend online, so I don’t care about that, or even that it was on WoW. You spend enough time talking to anyone in any capacity, you’re going to start getting to know them and might make a connection. But the tattoo has got to go. lol

  10. @1-9
    I’m making fun of them meeting online.

  11. This reminds me about how me and my ninth wife met.

    It’s wasn’t on WoW or anything, she just looked like a cross between an Orc and a fucking 8′ talking cow the stupid, muscely, hirsute moustache growing cum drain.

  12. That sound mega- sexy, mofo! I would LOVE to get a hold of something like that! YUM!!

  13. BTW, I have missed you greatly, mofo! Don’t leave, EVER! You make my day awesome haha

  14. Nice to know you missed me Sasha

    Quick question: Is it true that in Russia all girls squirt Vodka from their Faberge flanges’ when they cum? My Russian pen pal tells me he can get pissed just licking by a tart out?

  15. Only the talented ones, my friend.

  16. In that case matey drink up…..Na zdorovje!

  17. ashlee makes me want to puke

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