Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Problematic People

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  1. Wow, you guys are ridiculous.
    Moronmagnet, my comments about people “complaining” were never directed at you personally. I only started addressing you because you were the one who wrote a snarky reply.

    I understand the concept of Lamebook, obviously…. Why else would I be reading this site? I just found it stupid that people were getting involved to the point of tracking this girl down. I’m done with this though; if you like to spend your free time bashing random people on the internet, go for it.

  2. Wait saffer, when was I getting annoyed!?? I don’t recall lol- maybe at the girl since obviously her pot and raves seem to be more important than her CHILD(this bit is for jasmine), and she felt it made her look like a good mother to post all of the irresponsible shit she does out for everyone to see? She could be a good parent, but who knows, with the shit she has posted, she doesn’t seem like the type- sorry jasmine, as this is my own personal opinion. And this is Lamebook, for crying out loud, obviously, as magnet stated, something DID get accomplished, maybe she’ll take a look at how she’s been living and maybe, just MAYBE, reconsider her lifestyle, with the fact that people are bashing her ways, and were and still ARE appalled at her behavior- being a mother and all. But who am I to say anything, I’m just letting you know how most people feel about this. SHE chose to post that shit on FB, SHE is the one to blame, not US, all we’ve been doing is discussing the matter.

  3. lamebookEQUALSlove

    the “husband” is still wide open for your viewing pleasure. the girl DOES have one thing going for her, she makes a cute ass kid.

  4. FYI: not hard to find anyone on here. It takes less than a minute. So, it’s really not that “involved”.

    Yeah I saw that the “husband” is still open but his Wall is so boring compared to hers, other than a few posts that they were fighting lol.

    My reasons for being worried about her child: I’m a mother (BTW I waited until 27 to have my 1st), a former live-in nanny, a survivor of child abuse/neglect, and um a human being with common sense. Also my hometown area is getting a little too famous for moms killing their kids “by accident” while on drugs. Heard of the 10 day old in the washing machine? Or the lady who drowned her baby while taking a bath with her, within days of bringing her home from the hospital? Yes, those happened within a few weeks of each other in 2010 in my hometown area. I don’t know those women but they may have been good mothers when they were sober. It’s the time that they were high when they slipped up.

    Just because “there are plenty of people in the world like her”, doesn’t mean it’s right.

  5. @magnet, I am at a loss for words. You are awesome. Stay that way.

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