Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Point

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  1. winning

  2. Tim’s status is fucking shit, why did twenty six people like that? I hate when people make a joke about something being ridiculous, when it’s just them being an idiot. It barely even makes sense.

  3. MsBuzzkillington

    hahaha, I liked John’s response.

    Yeah, Tim is an idiot. You can mutually agree to something without saying it at the same time.

    Do you think we should break up?
    I think so do.


    Not mutual

    Do you think we should break up?
    Well I do. Goodbye.

  4. Maybe Tim’s logic is that if one person says, “We should break up,” and the other person says, “You’re right,” the second person was just trying to save face.

    Or, he doesn’t know what “mutual” means.

  5. John made me LOL.

  6. haha, I’ll slap someone with my obnoxiously large tits in response to John’s response hahaha- any takers? lol

  7. And John preserves my faith in Lamebook. If Rip Taylor were here, he would spread confitti all over this place, but mama laid him to rest.

  8. John isn’t very original, I’ve definitely seen that exact joke on another site.

  9. John wins? Seriously?

  10. @3

  11. A variation of John’s joke was on How I Met Your Mother, but it’s still funny.

  12. I used to break up with women by inviting them into a room, saying “1, 2, 3, it’s over” then hit them with a cosh and do ‘unmentionables’ with their unconscious body. Not so much mutual as aggravated sexual assault but hey, who’s counting.

  13. my bf and his ex are going to meet at the base of the Eiffel tower on national women’s day some day in the future.

    what a stupid gal, celebrating femininity by going to a giant phallic statue

  14. Feel free to slap me Sasha

  15. Most of these sucked…

  16. @10

  17. win win win! Especially the fat Tuesday one! BA-HA!

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