Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More from the Sheen Scene

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  2. I’m with Snip, stfu with Sheen. And if you MUST post it, for God’s sake, make it at least sorta funny.

  3. I haven’t heard many Charlie Sheen jokes, but he’s not all that awesome anyway. And the fact that he thinks it’s so cool to have jokes made about him that involve lines of coke and “winning”(whatever the fuck that means), then he’s gone completely insane, so who gives a shit. Enough with him already, hell, if anything, I’ll put up with Chuck Norris jokes over Charlie Sheen all day long if I have to. Ugh!

    My ranting is now over, thank you 🙂


  5. Seriously. Enough Charlie Sheen. He’s everywhere, and not even entertaining there, why does he have to take over Lamebook too?

  6. These suck dude! they sucktheysucktheysucktheysuckeeeaarrrgghhh!

  7. schmoyoho did the ONLY funny Charlie Sheen joke, and that’s because their autotunes are brilliant. Aside from that, he’s just said some generic kerr-azzy things, and everyone’s eaten it up.

    It’s like how you just have to say something like ‘ninjas vs cowboys!’ and idiots all over the internet will praise how that would be the MOST EPIC THING EVER! because they’re stupid.
    ‘Oh, he said he has tiger blood! What a legend!’
    No. He’s just a guy who said some words. Fuck off.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    Charlie may be over-exposed and a media whore, but I still think Matt’s joke was pretty good.

  9. MsBuzzkillington

    Here we go. Charlie Sheen jokes are going to be around for another few years. It’s all starting to go down hill.

    I wouldn’t have any hope that people are going to stop this any time soon.

    People are still making twilight jokes, Justin Bieber jokes, and girls making sandwiches jokes.

    This is just going to add to the madness.

  10. Nice name blurring, Lamebook.

  11. You guys are all just jealous of Charlie.. I think I am going on youtube right now and posting a video like that Brit Spears kid….. Or I’ll drive my car off a cliff, that sounds more sane than defending Sheen…

  12. I don’t think Justin Bieber jokes will be around too much longer. About a year or two ago, it was the Jonas Brothers people were constantly mocking. Before too long, Bieber’s gonna be forgotten and we’ll be putting up with countless jokes about the next young teenage boy singer from people who are too stupid to realise this is the eighth or so ‘tween’ sensation they’ve been mocking as if he’s the first.

  13. I’ve not trusted Charlie Sheen ever since he stole Kerri Green from Lucas. A greasy haired Winona Ryder is no substitute for a hot redhead.

  14. @9
    The girls making sandwhich thing isn’t a joke….and people have been making that one since caveman days.

    or as sheen might say for as long as the warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension.

  15. Well I don’t live in America and I am not over Charlie Sheen jokes so you stfu
    If you don’t like it don’t click on it and waste your time living a comment you low lives

  16. Well I don’t live in America and I am over Charlie Sheen jokes so you stfu
    If you like it, click on it and waste your time leaving a comment you low life.

    That’s him told, good and pwoper.

  17. Hey everyone, I think Charlie Sheen is now using the screen name oatmealandi!

  18. @oatmeal, we get to see the damn Charlie Sheen jokes all over the place, and we DON’T click on SHIT, so you STFU! Want Charlie Sheen jokes? Go Google them, sip on your damn cup of raspberry tea and have yourself a jolly ol’ time with a huge variety of feminine hygiene products like the Vagisil in the pharmacy section of your nearest local supermarket. Don’t forget to douche your asshole since it probably needs a damn enema too. Good day.

  19. nobody cares.

  20. Did no else realize a complete identity fail on Jessica’s post???

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