Saturday, March 27, 2010

What We Care to Share

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  1. having a medical professional see your hairy ass – embarrassing
    describing your hairy ass to all your fb friends – not embarrassing?

  2. dancesforcookies

    Whoever is dating Amii needs to marry that girl quick.

  3. i’m kind of curious as to what’s going on with kory.

  4. dreamkiller: someone logged into max and posted that shite.

  5. ^yeah that’s what I think too. But it’s better than the usual “I love cock” statuses. This is more fun 😛

  6. gyuhjkl agh. My cereal just lost its delicious qualities. I think that was Robyn’s way of inviting everyone to a free fuck-for-all. I’m in. Once I see the papers, anyway.

  7. I… uhh… wow.

  8. I hope Robyn stays clear of Kory, otherwise that bit of paper aint worth, well, the paper its written on!

  9. @dancesforcookies – she probably goes through 4 men per week. I’m not sure if it would be wise to try to marry her.

  10. “good girl, here’s you treat. I’m going to sleep.”

  11. JesusOnADinosaur

    I feel your pain, Jackie.

  12. lol

  13. dancesforcookies

    @BritishHobette, yeah i see your point, at least keep her on speed dial.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I’m too drunk from last night to say anything witty or funny, but I mirror #7 @ Hobo

    Malteaser I don’t even know you anymore, you have been saying things that are not “lol” I feel like I have been cheated on

  15. I love Amii

  16. Atta girl, Amii!

  17. Amii knows what’s up.

  18. Is he expecting a creme to make his butt less sensitive or to make the razor less sharp?

  19. I’m with Amii, I’d fucking drain a cock for a midnight snack!

  20. Alright miley?

  21. you first hobo!

  22. I wonder if Amii has papers to?

    Robyn reminds me of this girl my best friend used to be with. Typical whore, she was 16 and screwed every 25 year old she could find until she messed around with this guy that had herpes. As soon as my boy found out he ditched of course. Then we continually made fun of her about it.(Queen of the Herpes,
    Mr. Blister, Cold Sore Whore, Puss Bus, you know, the typical stuff you call a dirty cock guzzler.) Then behold one day she came running up to us smiling so big I thought she was gonna break her face. “I GOT MY PAPERS I GOT MY PAPERS! Look, it says I’m clear of everything, even AIDS!” I was speechless for the first time in my life. All I could do was laugh my ass off. My friend says,” Uh Lipshits, you know those test aren’t 100% all the time right?” (While she is scratching her crotch, and I’m dead serious.) I have never seen somebody bottom out emotionally so quick in my life. It was like she just watched her mom run over her dog and then back up to see what she hit.

    Ahhh, good times.

  23. justbeingmiley: are you 18 yet, damn it?

  24. I hope Amii behaves more responsibly! She could catch kluhmideeuh 🙁

  25. I’m with Andrizzle on this one “Atta girl, Amii!”

  26. Yikes….

    Max: You’re calling this individual “my proctologist” so I am going to assume you’ve seen him before. Was the ass hair an issue last time? Furthermore, don’t you think you should be asking HIM what kind of shaving strategy you should be employing, in the event that it is even necessary? I am with others that have commented already; I would be willing to gander that this was a friend taking advantage of Max not logging out.

    Amii: You want treats? Beg. Roll over. Play dead.

    Kory: It will stop doing that eventually once you finally stop inserting your masturbatory peripherals up your pee hole. P.S. Ditch that ridiculous tie.

    Jackie: “Farting and plopping all over the place”, eh? Did any of it hit you? And how did you know she was an old woman? Oh wait…. probably because you yourself aren’t a day over 16 and so everyone is old to you. ‘lifeeee’ kind of gave that away. Kind of.

    Robyn: But that was 13 minutes ago. At this very moment, your ‘negative’ status might as well be written on rolling papers, because only total whores post updates like that one. Nice job.

  27. I could teach Robyn to enjoy the STDs. Two hours with my speed bumps of love, and the dull ache of being sore(s) afterward, would make everything worthwhile.

  28. Soup – that’s great. Just make sure it’s at her place, and don’t give her your phone number or your facebook URL. And leave your wallet in the car.

  29. Tofu, I appreciate your concern, but you’re making the assumption that I’m not the needy one. The whole point of loading them up with my afflictions is to limit their options.

    “Who is going to love you now, you disease ridden whore? I will. The seepage means I care.”

  30. Kory, my advice would be to shut off the main supply and call the plumber.

  31. I have one word for you Max…. .. wax.

  32. “The seepage means I care.” Why I have never seen this on a Hallmark commercial is a deep mystery to me. It’s so beautiful.

  33. If you think someone has herpes, they probably do. STD tests cover a range of things, but rarely cover HSV. It takes a massive amount of blood to test for HSV and a negative has a high potential to be false. The only sure way is if the patient is having an outbreak. Our friend Aimii probably visited the doctor when she wasn’t having one.

    Luckily, HSV is only contageous during an outbreak (and up until a shower later due to dead skin cells) so really, take a good look at your F*buddies junk. 😉

    And do just a tiny bit of research for X sake.

  34. @ Chick: So what I can gather from your post. Your saying that you can catch Simplex from a shower? That is scary.

    @ max: FTW!

  35. @Chick: Amii is the load-swallower. Herp girl is Robyn. 😉

  36. Robyn should have said “anyone who has herpes, I’ll prove to you I don’t. After we do it, see if you have it”.

    Sadly, there would be a handful of dudes who would do it.

  37. There should be more women like Amii, she deserves a medal for that kind of dedication 😛

  38. I hope someone told Max not to shave cause I’m sure the doctor is used to hairy asses.. not everyone shaves I’m sure.

  39. I just want to hear what this doctor actually said. “Max, I’m going to level with you. You have an unusually sensitive anus.” I don’t see it happening.

  40. Sounds like Kory has a predickament of sorts.

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